Education Consultants
  • Admissions Consulting & Advice
  • International Student Services
  • Individualized Education Strategies
  • 450+ Private School Profiles
  • Career Opportunities in Education
  • Virtual Live Events for Schools
  • Web & Digital Marketing for Schools
Education Consultants
  • Admissions Consulting
  • International Student Services
  • Educational Planning & Advice
  • 400+ Private School Profiles
  • Career Opportunities in Education
  • Virtual Live Events for Schools
  • Web & Digital Marketing for Schools
Who We Are and What We Do

Founded by Michael Hayes in 2007, SchoolAdvice is a team of Professional Educators and Digital Marketing experts. Admissions Consultants at SchoolAdvice work with domestic and international families helping them select, apply, and enroll in the “best fit” Independent Schools for their children. Additionally we provide educational support, family representation, guardianship, and bespoke services for families.

Bringing Families and Schools Together

SchoolAdvice Digital provides services to Independent Schools that include web presence, content marketing, digital media marketing and promotion.  Online School Expos, unique to SchoolAdvice offers schools and families the opportunity to meet in real-time as they would in a traditional School Fair.  Our more than 400 published school profiles are a valued source for families seeking information about Independent Schools.  SchoolAdvice Administrative consulting services provides schools with human resource services, head services, as well as short and long term strategies to improve student enrollment and student retention.

Private School Options

Independent and Private schools offer a broad educational choice . SchoolAdvice helps families find the best fit schools and facilitates the application process. 100+ successful admissions in 2018. We know schools! Learn more..

Online School

Receive your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and apply directly to University. SchoolAdvice facilitates online learning in a live or virtual environment. Customized education for domestic and international students. Learn more..

CEGEP & Junior Colleges

Quebec students choosing to attend public or private CEGEP are faced with decisions that may effect long term goals. National & International students have many options at Canadian Junior Colleges. SchoolAdvice can help. Learn more..

SchoolPODs & HomeSchooling

Education regulatory agencies are creating new rules that effect HomeSchoolers and WorldSchoolers. SchoolAdvice professionals help families and SchoolPODs with compliance issues, curriculum design and certified online school programs.  Learn more..

Guardianship & Homestay

Unaccompanied international students under the age of 18 attending school in Canada require a guardian.  SchoolAdvice acts as legal guardians for students. Students seeking homestay options are referred to approved agencies. Learn more..

Gifted and Special Needs

Parents of gifted and special needs children are often frustrated by the lack of support services and programs available to meet their children’s needs. SchoolAdvice professionals can help to assess needs and offer customized solutions. Learn more..

Tutoring & Study Skills

Students requiring additional help in mastering a particular subject may at times require tutoring. SchoolAdvice offers students custom fit online tutoring and study skills programs designed to build learning confidence and self esteem. Learn more..

Individual Education Plans

IEP’s or individual Education Plans are a requirement in many public schools educating special needs children.  At SchoolAdvice we extend the concept to include students following any individualized education program.  Learn more..

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