The Abelard School

The Abelard School

557 Church Street, 4th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, 4Y 2E2


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What Abelard School says..


The Abelard School is an independent, coed, day school that currently enrolls approximately 50 students from Grade 9 through 12.  The school caters to gifted adolescents who are motivated, seeking challenge, and aspiring to high academic goals in high school and beyond.  Class size is small with a 5:1 student/teacher ratio.  The Liberal Arts curriculum is fast paced and rigorous.

The Abelard School Philosophy

Schools should be a place where students discover their strengths and learn how to put them to good use. It should teach them how to master skills and meet academic challenges. It should expose students to the knowledge, inventions, art and culture of the past to enrich their appreciation of the world and inspire them to expand the boundaries of their own creativity.  Read more about Abelard’s philosophy here..

The Abelard Name

The school is named for the 11th-12th French educator and philosopher, Peter Abelard.  

After studying at the University of Notre-Dame (the name of the University of Paris at the time), Abelard set up his own school on the heights of the Montagne Sainte-Genviève, overlooking Paris. He is generally recognized as the fist scholar since classical times who instead of merely lecturing and forcing his students to memorize, encouraged them to think, ask questions and debate. Abelard grew so famous that students from all over Europe flocked to Paris to listen to him. There was no room in the city big enough to accommodate this crowd, and Abelard stared to teach in fields surrounding Paris.

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Admissions Information

The Abelard School admissions department has a rolling admissions policy thus they accept applications throughout the year.
Applications are evaluated according to four criteria:

  • Interview
  • Test Score – applicants must write the Abelard SSAT, or they must submit test results written at  a standardized test location within the same year
  • Most recent report card
  • Entrance essay (must be written at the Abelard School)
  • Optional – A piece of work that reflects the applicant’s interests or talents.

Tuition Fees: (2017-18) $22,000 or Grades 9 – 12

For more information regarding admission, contact Inga Brarchuli at  (416) 944-0661 or email

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