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May 19, 2019

Learning Revolution

It is time to change the conversation on education reform. Established educational institutions and teaching methodologies have reached their limits. It’s time to stop questioning how to improve the governmental system of education and begin to question how we can ensure learning for all students. A revolution in education will only come about

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IELTS Everything You Need to Know

With IELTS, you will no doubt have a much better grasp of the most globally spoken language in the world, making your transition into academia much smoother and professionally, you will be much more employable.

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Mindfulness in Education

A person’s wellbeing and capacity to be engaged in their learning go in hand in hand. Having one without the other creates an imbalance. In today’s education system more and more students are experiencing toxic stress because the demands of life are consistently outpacing the students’ ability to cope with these varied demands that are placed upon them.

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Because Every School is Unique

To thrive in a highly competitive marketplace, the best solution is to rise above the competition and articulate what makes your school one of a kind. But what happens when other schools take the same approach and also position themselves as one of a kind.

The dilemma of uniqueness is summed up in this quote by Deacon Jones:

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Five Reasons to Learn ESL at SchoolAdvice Academy

Busy schedules are common place in everyone’s lives today which can make it more complicated for students and their families to find the time needed to develop their English language skills. At SchoolAdvice Academy, we make is easy for you! Our ESL program is given online by experienced and qualified teachers who work around your schedule.

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Private School Engagement and Enrollment

Today SchoolAdvice has grown into an international network of educators working with families, school leadership, and educators in a global setting. We consult with families seeking schools to meet the needs of their children. We build relationships with schools and their leadership teams to learn more so we may provide better advice to our family clients and provide schools services designed to drive engagement, enrollment and strengthen the school brand..

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Learning ESL at SchoolAdvice Academy

English is a complex language to learn with a ton of intricacies in its grammatical structure. Luckily, with SchoolAdvice Academy’s online English language learning program, developing English fluency is much more structured, engaging and efficient! We are dedicated to the personal and academic success of students through a personalized, hands on approach based on the students strengths and interests.  

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Canadian Study Permit Fast-Track with Student Direct Stream

Get a study permit through the Student Direct Stream, a new Canadian Federal Government Program

International students wishing to attend schools in Canada may now apply for a new program launched by the Canadian Government. The new program fast tracks the applicant, but there are conditions.

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Teacher Evaluations, Conversation is Essential

Conversations make the evaluation process rich, meaningful, and credible.

When evaluating teaching, the evaluator must work to understand and appreciate, what the teacher is doing, and the reasons for the choices the teacher has made. While the reasons for some may seem obvious, many will not be. It is in the post-observation conversations that these will be explored.

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Quebec’s Bill 101 and Your Child’s Education

There are many great advantages moving to Quebec however, Bill 101 is not one them. This bill limits your options for the education of your child, especially if you are new to Canada. This legislation was created and implemented in 1977, in order to protect the French language and free the province from the dominant language, English.

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Kells Academy Grade 12 Program

This pre-university program is delivered in collaboration with the Ontario Virtual School, which is fully accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, therefore students who graduate from this program will receive the Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma.

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Independent School Digital Marketing

Independent School Digital Marketing Strategies are examined. SchoolAdvice is unique in its field, founded by experienced independent school educators and partnered with cutting edge digital marketing experts, we help schools engage online with future families seeking Independent schools for their children.

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Guardianship: What is it? Who needs it?

There are many benefits in experiencing a Canadian education, both inside and outside of the classroom. Studying in Canada is an excellent way for your child to experience a multicultural landscape as well as to pursue personal growth in order to reach their full potential. Aside from all of these educational benefits that Canada has to offer, there are many other things to think about before sending your child to study in a new and different country. One such thing is guardianship. What is it? Who needs it?

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Choosing a School for your Autistic Child

Choosing a school for you child is always a challenge. For parents of autistic children the challenge can be overwhelming. This post by Katie Nicol, Special Education consultant at SchoolAdvice provides families with some practical guidelines for choosing the best fit school for their autistic children.

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Studying in Canada

Expand your educational horizons by studying in Canada where educational options are many and widely recognized by International Colleges and Universities. Consult with SchoolAdvice when choosing best fit schools and guardianship options. SchoolAdvice, Canada’s network of Professional Educators.

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