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Marketing Strategies for Schools

Why is Marketing Your School Important?

As a school, you have something in common with the families who visit You both want what’s best for the students. You know your school has a lot to offer but it can be difficult to communicate that message effectively and efficiently. This is why efficiently marketing your school is ever so important. 

Marketing your school helps to manage who you are as a school, how you are perceived by others, and helps to take charge of your school’s reputation. Effective marketing strategies will help your target audience to better understand what’s involved in the daily processes of your school. Creating simple awareness through marketing will undoubtedly help your school to improve its reputation, perception and create a sense of enthusiasm to the broader community.

The connections that can be made through this sense of enthusiasm is how your school will successfully attract and engage your ideal families and students. These families, your target audience, are searching for their ideal fit. Therefore the key to marketing your school is focus. You want to clearly differentiate your school from the other possible options. How can your school do this effectively?

How to Effectively Market Your School

Your schools are now marketing to a different generation: millennial Parents. Stereotypically, parents of this generation have high expectations, short attention spans and much tighter budgets. More than anything else they are heavily reliant on the internet, their phones and social media to get information they are in search of and to help them make decisions. 

Therefore, your school’s marketing strategy for milliennial parents must be different than traditional ways of marketing for schools. Your school absolutely must be able to reach these parents where they are. In order for marketing to be successful for your school, you must be where your audience is and you need to be able to stand out. 

Therefore, figuring out where your targeted audience is spending their time and where they go for their information is key to your school’s marketing strategy.  This is why using digital marketing strategies for your school is the fastest, most cost-effective and measurable way to boost your school’s student enrollment. 

Digital Marketing Strategy Tips!

Number One

Number One

Limit Print Advertising

A big part of marketing is the law of supply and demand. In the marketing industry, if people perceive a product as highly desired and not necessarily easy to obtain by the majority of the population, then they will want it even more. Therefore, as long as your school as other outreach efforts, avoiding print advertising, which is both costly and not environmentally friendly, will not hurt your schools engagement with the community. 

A benefit to keeping your marketing in the digital space is that of instant conversions. 

SchoolAdvice has the ability to effectively help your school to create these instant conversions as we already have the attention of the audience that you seek. 

Talk to a SchoolAdvice Consultant Today To see how we can help your school implement an efficient and cost effective digital marketing strategy!

Number Two

Number Two

Consistent Blogging


Often overlooked due to the amount of time needed to invest in it, having a blog is critical. Every school should have an ongoing, consistent blog to keep the community up to date and interested in the happenings of your school. Having a consistent blog will greatly improve your rank in search engines such as Google. Just by having a blog, your schools will be increasing the number of families in your admissions funnel. Finally, besides getting the attention that your school wants and deserves, blogs greatly helps your school to build a sense of brand awareness and trust. Remember, you are now targeting millennial parents, those who find and trust the information they read through blogs. 

Check out these School Blogs for Inspiration!

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Number Three

Number Three

Social Media

Social Media builds a level of trust and awareness. Word of mouth marketing used to be the go to for parents making decisions. Although it still is similar, today’s millennial parents go straight to their social media accounts and rely on the responses of their broader online community before making any decisions. The more your school can be positively involved and engaged with this community, the more attention you will receive from families.  This engagement and involvement will also improve your schools transparency. Transparency is so important! Transparency is what builds trust with your audience. Once your audience trusts you, keeping them engaged will become easier and easier. 


At SchoolAdvice, we understand how time consuming all of these marketing strategies can be. We know that students come first. That is why we can help your school effectively develop and implement digital marketing strategies that will increase engagement and create instant conversions. 

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