Meet the Team Behind SchoolAdvice

Founded by Michael Hayes in 2007, SchoolAdvice is a team of Professional Educators and Digital Marketing experts. Admissions Consultants at SchoolAdvice work with domestic and international families helping them select, apply, and enroll in the “best fit” Independent Schools for their children. Additionally we provide educational support, family representation, guardianship, student advocacy, and custom tailored services for our family clients. 

SchoolAdvice Digital provides services to Independent Schools that include web presence, content marketing, and digital media marketing and promotion.  Families seeking information about Independent Schools visit SchoolAdvice to learn more about schools and the programs they offer.  SchoolAdvice Administrative consulting services provides schools with human resource services, head services, as well as short and long term strategies to improve student enrollment and student retention.


Michael Hayes

CEO & Lead Education Consultant
Michael founded SchoolAdvice in 2007 and brings thirty years of classroom and administrative experience in Canadian Independent Schools to SchoolAdvice. He advises families, school administrations, and mentors young educators.

Rick Sala

VP Business Development, Montreal
Rick Sala joined SchoolAdvice as an equity shareholder soon after it was established. He spent most of his career running an import business buying clothes all over the world. He also spent two years teaching in a secondary school in Nigeria. He brings extensive operational and business experience to School Advice

Ryan Hayes

VP Digital Development 
Ryan manages the SchoolAdvice digital networking team. His experience in web development, design and digital marketing represents a valuable asset to SchoolAdvice and our clients. Ryan’s firm, Sparrow Digital Inc., provides digital marketing services to businesses worldwide.

Corporate Office Team

Ken Scott

Education Consultant, Montreal
School Administration Services

Andrea Mendell

Education Consultant, Montreal
School & Recruiting Services

Ian Howarth

Education Consultant, Montreal
Family & Student Services

Graham Hayes

Education Consultant, Montreal
International Liason

Maryan Southam

Digital Design & Media Consultant
School Services

Global Consultant Network

Martha Monty

Education Consultant, New York
Family & Student Services

Randy Wallock

Education Consultant, New York 
School & Recruiting Services

Ben Batt

Education Consultant, Vancouver
Managing Director, Key Admissions

Bryan R. Ide

Education Consultant, Vancouver
Education Director, Key Admissions

Diana Chang

Education Consultant, Vancouver
Admissions Strategest, Key Admissions

Anjli Shah

Education Consultant, Vancouver
Admissions Strategist, Key Admissions

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