SchoolAdvisor Prime for Students & Families

SchoolAdvisor Prime services are available by subscription.  As a subscribing client you have a personal professional education counsellor and advisor on your team. Choose to meet weekly online to review progress, map out the week ahead or connect to work on learning strategies. Your personal SchoolAdvisor is available to provide support, advice, and assistance in any education related matter important to you and your family. SchoolAdvisor Prime is an excellent additional support layer for boarding students who can reach out 24/7 for assistance.


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Why SchoolAdvisor Prime?

Parents and students are more than ever challenged when it comes to learning and education options. Decisions about schools (public, private, day school, boarding school, home school, online school) can be difficult,  especially when one factors in the learning style of the child and the family situation.

While enrolled in school, students and parents can benefit from the ongoing support of an independent professional SchoolAdvisor and dedicated student/family advocate.  Regular check-ins and online meetings with your SchoolAdvisor keeps your children´s education process on track and enhances parental peace of mind.


  • Bi-weekly/Monthly online meetings to discuss school progress/activities. Customised to meet student/family needs.
  • Student/Family calendar to help plan and develop good learning practices. 
  • Strategies for developing effect study habits.
  • Library of online enriched learning options.
  • Academic Record Management – Access a secure online vault for student history and records.
  • Help and advice with education planning, summer programs, extra curricular learning, and school/university applications
  • 24/7 access via your own dedicated phone number for urgent assistance via text/voice
  • An independent advocate for families and students in boarding schools.

SchoolAdvisor Prime is not a tutoring service

SchoolAdvisor Prime

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