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Quebec Students: CEGEP or Grade 12?

Unlike the rest of Canada, where secondary school ends with Grade 12, Quebec secondary school ends at Grade 11. Since 1969, the path for students who wish to continue their education is 2 or 3 years of publicly funded CEGEP where they earn a DEC, to apply to University or a Diploma that leads to the working world.  Until the end of 2023 any student could apply to an English language or a French language CEGEP. As of 2024 new laws restrict access to English CEGEPs.  In response students and families are considering options other than CEGEP as a bridge to University and Grade 12 is their first choice.  Since Grade 12 in no longer part of the public school system in Quebec, it is only available in the private school network.  Grade 12 in Quebec’s private schools is much like every other grade. Students attend school from August to June, fees range from $18,000 to $28,000 for the year and enrolment is limited.  SchoolAdvice Personalized Online Grade 12 is very different. Read more..

Grade 12 Students

SchoolAdvice Personalized Online Grade 12

Students can enrol and begin at any time of the year. The program is asynchronous and self paced, meaning it’s possible to graduate in just 6 months. Our partners, Virtual High School, and Ontario Virtual School, are Canada’s premier online, Ministry approved schools providing students with courses aligned with the Ontario Grade 12 curriculum.  Students can choose a Liberal Arts, Science, or Business profile and earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to apply directly to University.  Fees range from $6,500 to $9,500. Each course includes a qualified teacher who is available to answer your questions by email. A dedicated SchoolAdvice educator is assigned as your learning coach and personal advisor to help you plan semesters, maintain a productive work schedule, and keep you focused for success.  Use WhatsApp for 24/7 contact! 

Personalized online learning

The Admissions Process

Enrollment and registration is on a rolling basis, students can begin a single course or a specific grade at any time of the year.  Start when you are ready, work at your own pace, and finish your course or grade work within a 12 month time frame.  If you are able to learn new material quickly and work longer hours, it is possible to complete a Grade 12 in six months or less.

Application Process for Grade 12

Learn more about tuition and fees for Grades 12

Tuition and Fees

Grade 12 Fees

Grade Grade 12 Domestic CD$ Grade 12 International US$
Registration Fee: $425 $1,500
*Courses: $4,750 $6,850
Community Services Fee: $475 $750
Exam Proctor Fees: $500 $750
Learning Coach (1 Month) $450 $450
Total $6,600 CD$  $10,300 US$
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* If the credit equivalency report requires pre-requisite courses, an additional fee of $650 per course will be applied.

Grade 12 Online Student Profiles


Student Athletes and Performers

Grade 12 online learning is the ideal solution for students engaged full time in sports and/or entertainment industry.


International Students

Students in other countries often enroll in to earn a Diploma that will be recognized by a Canadian University they aspire to attend.


Choosing to Learn in English

Domestic and international families who want their children to be well educated in English. Virtual learning makes this a reality.


Physical & Medical Issues

Students with physical disabilities, compromised immune systems and various other issues can receive a complete education virtually


Alternate Pathways to University

Students in Quebec who aspire to go to University directly after graduating from High School enrol in Grade 12. This avoids 2 to 3 years of CEGEP.


Gifted Learners

Self-paced learning can be a real benefit to the gifted learner. Students can complete grade 12 quickly and free up more personal time.

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