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SchoolAdvice Incorporated, a privately held Canadian education consulting firm, provides education consulting and digital services to three key sectors of the education community; families, educators, and independent schools. 

Earn Referral Income

Promote your registered landing pages, banners, and links to provide information about SchoolAdvice services.  Capture leads and earn referral income.  Earn 20% of the net amount of any revenue earned.  If the service sold is subscription based, you earn 20% of all recurring revenue for the life of the subscription.

Getting started

  • Complete the application form below
  • Once approved you will receive your landing page link, banners, and email scripts to help you spread the word.
  • Read our guide for valuable tips on how to share your link on social media with your contacts via email.
SchoolAdvice Affiliate Application
SchoolAdvice / SchoolPODs Affiliate Contract
SchoolAdvice / SchoolPODs Affiliate Contract

Affiliate Resources

Upon approval affiliates are provided with unique url(s) that links to fast loading (AMP) landing page(s).  Affiliates receive an email when ever a new lead is captured by the landing page.

SchoolAdvice Services

You may choose to promote any or all of the following services as a registered SchoolAdvice Affiliate.

  • SchoolAdvisor Prime, a subscription service for students and families. Learn more here.
  • School Profiles, a subscription based service for Private & Independent schools. Learn more here.
  • SchoolAdvice Job Network, a subscription based service for schools and career agencies. Learn more here. 
  • SchoolAdvice Admissions Consulting services for domestic and international families. Learn more here.
  • SchoolAdvice Guardianship services for international students. Learn more here.
  • SchoolPODS Bespoke Private School Services. Learn more here!


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