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December 1, 2020

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Not so long ago, schools posting openings for teaching and administrative jobs, would be swamped with applications. It was necessary to set an application deadline date just to stem the flow.  Today just about any human resources director at any independent or private schools will tell you things have changed.  Response rates are down, way down and trending lower.  Schools are reposting open positions more frequently than ever and having to fill in with teachers on call (TOC) and LTO´s, Long Term Occasional teachers, many of whom are not fully accredited.  It is a serious situation that will continue to challenge schools for the foreseeable future.

Here is a short list of the causes..

  • Fewer graduates from University education programs.  In many regions the pathway to a BEd. has been lengthened making the cost and time commitment unappealing given the current salary levels for qualified educators.  
  • A demand for a higher degree of accreditation, while a good thing for schools and students, is reducing the pool of available educators.  Add to this the specialization of educators into learning strategists, online specialists, special needs experts, and the problem grows.
  • As world economies have improved (India and China in particular) the demand for quality education has skyrocketed.  The competition for accredited and experienced educators is greater than ever and will continue to rise.
  • Demographic trends and retiring Baby Boomers, especially in North America, are contributing to fewer available educators.  This is particularly troublesome for schools seeking new leadership candidates for the positions of School Head or Principal.

Popular Recruitment Strategies

School Website – Career Section
A component of any school´s web site, the career section is the starting point for attracting and informing potential candidates about positions that need to be filled.  Keep in mind that the career page will be viewed by educators familiar with the site and is unlikely to attract a wide audience of applicants.

School Association Career Pages
Many private and independent schools belong to one or more school associations who offer career opportunity post privileges to their members.  CAIS, ISABC, CIS, and NAIS all host career ads for member schools.  This is a traditional goto for most schools.  Some school associations offer career posting to non members for a fee.  CAIS as an example, charges $600.00 for a single 30 day job post.

Popular Job Sites
Schools are paying for listings on sites such as Monster and Indeed, well known and recognised career listing services.  While popular with millions of subscribers and may not be the best for showcasing ads for new Private School opportunities.  

LinkedIn and other Social Media
Increasingly popular it is a good idea to share a career opportunity post on the school´s LinkedIn page and better still on personal pages of the School´s Leadership team who should have a network of education related contacts.  Getting the message out on Twitter and Facebook is also recommended.

Employment Agencies
Using an employment agency is a costly option and for the most part reserved for schools with larger HR budgets.  A better choice when hunting for new key leadership positions. 

SchoolAdvice Recommendations 

SchoolAdvice Career Network Postings.
Submit career opportunity posts to SchoolAdvice and reach a wider audience of accredited educators.  Focused on Private and Independent Schools, career ads are school branded, responsive on all devices, and highly trafficked. Apply now, call to action buttons, connect applicants directly to a school´s online application portal or and provide instructions for emailed applications.  Standard posts are FREE. 

Paid Promoted Social Media Posts
Targeted career ads on social media channels offer the best ROI.  Pricer than Facebook and Twitter but highly effective are LinkedIn sponsored ads.  These ads get the attention you need to find the best talent. For schools with smaller HR budgets we recommend running career ad campaigns to recruit new faculty and leadership staff.  Keep in mind that the campaigns also help to spread the school´s brand to families as well. Schools with internal digital marketing expertise are set up to design and deliver the message. If your school is not able to internally manage digital advertising, connect with SchoolAdvice for additional help.  

Engaging, Impactful, and Brief Career Ads.
Most employers prefer short applications that include a one page cover letter and a one page resume.  We suggest that schools try to adopt a similar one page limit for career posts.  If there is a larger brief that you wish to share with an applicant, include a PDF download with additional information.  Straightforward brief and impactful career ads are best.

Starting Date & Clear Calls to Action
Most career postings come with a general or specific starting date.  If you are not clearly indicating the start date we recommend you do.  Our surveys of educators seeking new opportunities tell us this is the second most important fact they need to know. Job title is number one.   Once an applicant is ready to reply they should have no problem pulling the trigger.  Too many job posts bury the ´how to apply´ process.  It may be that some schools employ this strategy to ´test´ applicants but it is not advised. Best practice is to have a clear call to action APPLY NOW button that provides specific email instructions or better yet links directly to the school online applications portal.  These features are included with a SchoolAdvice Prime subscription.

Career Events
Perhaps your school has participated in job fairs where candidates circulate and meet with schools officials.  They are useful for building a database of potential future hires.  Consider hosting virtual career events for your school.  Meet with potential candidates, collect resumes, and grow your list while promoting your school at the same time.  SchoolAdvice offers a first class platform for hosting live virtual events and is ready to assist schools with the set-up

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