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1132 Fisher Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 6P7

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Since 1992, Turnbull School’s small classes and exceptional teachers have provided a well-rounded and enriching academic program, where emphasis is placed on excellence and caring.

Turnbull is a private school in Ottawa, Ontario for Kindergarten to Grade 8. It was founded on the values that children deserve a learning environment where:

  • they feel safe and nurtured within a culture of decency and kindness
  • they have extremely qualified, enthusiastic teachers who are thoroughly engaged in each child’s academic and social development
  • the children are happy to come to school everyday, excited by their new learning activities
  • each child’s unique talents, interests and learning styles are appreciated and fostered
  • they are helped to do their personal best
  • they have unique, enriching opportunities in academics, arts, sports and community engagement
  • their classmates are motivated and engaged in learning
  • they are extremely well prepared for success at high school and beyond.

We also believe that our parents deserve:

  • staff who are accessible and accountable
  • to receive meaningful, accurate and regular feedback on their child’s progress
  • timely information about class and school activities
  • a school community where they are welcome and known.

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Key Facts

School Type: Traditional
Grades (Gender): JK to 8 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 18,425 – 20,300
Average Class Size: 10 – 18
Enrollment Day: 330  (JK – 8)
Contact Person: Joyce Walker-Steed

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