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The SchoolAdvice mission and our policies regarding curating school information.

Our mission, in part, is to provide information to families, both domestic and international, about independent school options in Canada.  To meet that goal our team reviews school websites, connects with school leadership and admission teams to learn as much as we can about a school.  Based on our findings, a school profile page is created. Existing school events, school blog/news posts, and career opportunity posts are published and linked back to the profile page.  SchoolAdvice does not publish any opinions or ‘rate’ schools.  Our goal is to reflect the messaging the school publishes and promotes.
Education career opportunities are either submitted to us directly or curated from a variety of sources (CAIS, CFIS, ISABC, and others). This enables us to offer educators a central location to find career opportunities and fulfills another part of our mission; helping qualified educators find jobs.
Founded by experienced independent school educators and administrators SchoolAdvice provides educational consulting services to schools in every province of Canada.  Our digital services team designs and publishes school websites and manages digital marketing campaigns.  Our paid subscription service, SchoolAdvice Prime, offers schools a comprehensive and unique digital marketing package at an affordable price.  Basic school profiles and career posts are maintained at no cost to schools.  We offer schools the opportunity to shape the messaging by submitting updates to profiles and other related posts, again at no cost to schools.
SchoolAvice began more than 15 years ago when friends and families would say to me “You know about private schools, where should I send my son or daughter?” Since then SchoolAdvice has connected hundreds of families from around the globe with schools across North America.  In every case SchoolAdvice has represented the family first.  We do not ask for or ever accept referral fees from schools and often schools are unaware that the families they have accepted have been assisted by SchoolAdvice.  While some clients count on us to provide bespoke admissions consulting services, others engage us to offer behind the scenes advice and guidance. All student referrals have been vetted by SchoolAdvice before they apply for admission.  We are confident that if space is available they will be accepted.
Today SchoolAdvice receives approximately 10,000 visitors weekly and continues to grow at a steady pace.  We are excited to be a leader in both education consulting and digital strategies for schools.

What do we publish?

  • School Profiles of any and every private/independent school we discover.
  • School Events, Open House, Fundraising, Admission Events.
  • Career Opportunity Ads, posted on School Career pages and Association websites.
  • School News/Blog Posts found on school websites.
  • All post types link back to the School Profile Page.

Why do we publish?

  • To provide inquiring families and visitors with details about as many independent and private schools as possible.
  • To offer a platform to schools who choose not to pay for a web portal listing or a membership fee on a school association website.
  • To connect families with schools by linking to school websites.
  • To enlighten the public about educational options and choice for their children.
  • Our goal is to become the number one site people turn to when seeking information about private schools. 

Where do we source information about schools ?

  • Schools register with SchoolAdvice and submit school information. Standard profiles free. Custom profiles are available with SchoolAdvice Prime
  • School websites, newsletters and emails.
  • SchoolAdvice connects with school officials by email and phone to request and collect information
  • Independent School Associations and Organizations.
  • Other school portals that publish information about schools.

How are posts created ?

  • All posts are created, edited, and proofed by humans.
  • No algorithms or apps are used to scrape data from our sources.
  • SchoolAdvice does not offer ‘front-end’ editing. All material is submitted for review and posted by SchoolAdvice staff.

How frequently are school profiles updated ?

  • Schools provide us with profile updates, notify us about new events, and submit career opportunities. Update forms are available throughout the site.
  • Schools are under no obligation to provide updated information, although it is to the schools advantage to do so.  SchoolAdvice will review profiles at least once every 12 months.
  • The SchoolAdvice team is constantly updating profiles, adding new events and job posts 24/7.

How do we handle inquires about specific schools ?

  • Requests for additional information or application packages are forwarded to schools within 24 hours of initial receipt.  Individuals are notified that the message has been received and forwarded to the school.
  • Subscribers to SchoolAdvice Prime have incoming messages routed instantly and directly to the email address provided by the school. An automated personalized response is sent the the person making the inquiry.

Are schools made aware of their SchoolAdvice profile?

  • Emails are sent to schools that are newly profiled on SchoolAdvice with an invitation to review and submit change requests and/or updates
  • Newsletters are sent out to schools that include links to their profiles and information about new features.
  • Subscribers to SchoolAdvice Prime play an important role in designing custom profiles and features.  Detailed information is available via their secure client portal.

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