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5603 148 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6H 4T7


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What Tempo School says..

Tempo School is a private school that offers a traditional approach to academics and adheres to traditional educational values. With specialized teachers, smaller class sizes, and a clear curriculum, it is no wonder Tempo School has been consistently rated as one of the top schools in Alberta. Tempo also offers other benefits that might be less obvious. We call this the Tempo difference.

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Last Update: 18.01.11

Key Facts

School Type: Traditional, Academic
Grades (Gender): K to 12 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 3,150 – 8,000
Average Class Size: Varies
Enrollment Day: 380  (K – 12)
Contact Person: Dr. Richard Slevinsky Head of Upper School, Dr. Buffy Michael Head of Lower School

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