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Mediated Learning Academy

550 Thompson Avenue, Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3J 3Z8, Canada


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What Mediated Learning Academy says..

Mediated Learning Academy

The Mediated Learning Academy is a new and innovative special educational institute for children from kindergarten to grade twelve.  Children learn through Mediated Learning Experience and “brain–based” teaching.  As a school for all children, including those with widely varying challenges, we offer complete amenities such as a science lab, a home economics room, libraries, gymnasiums, classrooms with computers, SMART boards and multimedia stations.  Students are supported by occupational and physiotherapists, Speech–Language Pathologists and counsellors.

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Last Update: 18.01.16

Key Facts

School Type: Special Needs Support
Grades (Gender): K to 12 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 10,500 – 12,500
Student / Teacher Ratio: 10:1
Enrollment Day: Varies  (K – 12)
Contact Person: Kathleen Jeffrey

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