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Kiddy Junction

Kiddy Junction Junior Kindergarten Division II

8860 Hudson Street Vancouver, British Columbia V6P4N2
1271 West 71st Ave Vancouver, British Columbia V6P 4M5


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What Kiddy Junction Academy says..


Welcome to Kiddy Junction Academy, a premier Early Childhood Education institute in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Growing throughout Vancouver, our Daycare and Preschool programs take elements from both Maria Montessori, and Reggio Emilia practices, as well as other contemporary childcare practices in order to create the best possible learning and growing environments for children. Our goal is to create positive associations with learning and creative problem solving and thinking from a young age in order to cultivate a strong positive relationship with education and self-betterment later in life.

Our unique cutting edge approach to childcare rips down traditional theme based education schemes and expectations and replaces them with a flowing, child-lead, curriculum that produces true inspiration and interest within the children. Often children who leave the program to enter Kindergarten or attend a Centre in another city are grouped with older children or otherwise singled out for their advanced nature. We take this, along with enormously positive feedback from parents, staff, and industry experts, as a testament to the strength of our program and are proud to be offering children the tools to do well from the earliest time in their lives possible.

Kiddy Junction’s strong curriculum, along with our traditional uniform system and family of dedicated educators and close knit families create a nurturing and academic environment that will help prepare your child for entry into either Public or Private school after graduation.

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Last Update: 17.12.11

Key Facts
School Type: Progressive, Montessori,Reggio-Emilia
Grades (Gender): Preschool/Pre-K(Coed)
Tuition: $ 1,339 CAD
Average Class Size: 25
Enrollment Day: 50  (PS-PK)
Contact Person: Shaun Olafson


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