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November 28, 2023
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Calgary Jewish Academy on

Calgary Jewish Academy

Calgary, AB
$3,960 ~ $13,445
Gr. PS-9, Coed, Traditional, Learning differences support, Faith based, Day School
Airdrie Christian Academy on

Airdrie Christian Academy

Airdrie, AB
$7,240 ~ $26,400
Gr. JK-12, Coed, Academic, Faith based, Day & Homeschool
Calgary Waldorf School on

Calgary Waldorf School

Calgary, AB
$4,410~ $18,940
Gr. PS-9, Coed, Waldorf, Day School
Calgary Changemaker School on

Calgary Changemaker School

Calgary, AB
$3,900 ~ $19,900
Gr. K-8, Coed, Progressive, Reggio Emilia, Day School
Edge School on

Edge School

Calgary, AB
$18,230 ~ $19,350 +Athletic program fees
Gr. 4-12, Coed, Traditional, Sports Focused, Day School
Alberta Ballet School on

Alberta Ballet School

Calgary, AB & Edmonton, AB
$16,500 ~ $25,000
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Arts Focused, Day & Boarding School
Webber Academy on

Webber Academy

Calgary, AB
$18,500 ~ $27,400
Gr. JK-12, Coed, Traditional, Day School
Montessori Alberta on

Montessori Alberta

Calgary, AB
$575 ~ $680 / Month
Gr. PK-K, Coed, Montessori, Day School
Tanbridge Academy on

Tanbridge Academy

Foothills, AB
$6,850 ~ $18,100
Gr. K-9, Coed, Sports Focused, Academic, Day School
Tempo School on

Tempo School

Edmonton, AB
Gr. K-12, Coed, Traditional, Day School
Maria Montessori Education Centre on

Maria Montessori Education Centre

Calgary, AB
$6,000 ~ $15,5000
Gr. PS-9, Coed, Montessori, Day School
Summit West Independent School on

Summit West Independent School

Foothills, AB
$ 9,460 ~ $11,800
Gr. JK-12, Coed, Progressive, Day & Home School
Glenmore Christian Academy on

Glenmore Christian Academy

Calgary, AB
$3,085 ~ $7,300
Gr. JK-9, Coed, Traditional, Faith Based, Day School
Bearspaw Christian Academy on

Bearspaw Christian School

Calgary, AB
$3,000 ~ $8,350
Gr. K-12, Traditional, Faith based, Home-Schooling, Day School
Delta West Academy on

Delta West Academy

Calgary, AB
$15,700 ~ $20,300
Gr. JK-12, Coed, Liberal Arts, Gifted student support, Day School
Banbury Crossroads School on

Banbury Crossroads School

Calgary, AB
$20,800 ~ $29,800
Gr. JK-12, Coed, Progressive, Self-Directed, Day School
Strathcona Tweedsmuir School on

Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School

Okotoks, AB
$18,020 ~ $25,220
Gr. K-12, Coed, International Baccalaureate, Day School
Progressive Academy on

Progressive Academy

Edmonton, AB
$8,799 ~ $9,750
Gr. PS-12, Coed, Progressive, Gifted Student support, Day School
Foothills Academy on

Foothills Academy

Calgary, AB
Gr. 3-12, Coed, Traditional, Special needs support, Day School
River Valley School on

River Valley School

Calgary, AB
$9,015 ~ $16,750
Gr. PS-6, Coed, Progressive, Special needs, Day School
West Island College on

West Island College Calgary

Calgary, AB
$20,570 ~ $26,845
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Traditional, French Immersion, Day School
Rundle College on

Rundle College & Rundle Academy

Calgary, AB
$17,100 ~ $20,750
Gr. K-12, Coed, Traditional, Learning Differences, Day School
Prairie Christian Academy on

Prairie Christian Academy

Three Hills, AB
$650 ~ $27,440
Gr. PS-12, Coed, Traditional, Faith Based, Day & Boarding School
Lycée international de Calgary on

Lycée international de Calgary

Calgary, AB
$16,150 ~ $18,310
Gr. PS-12, Coed, Traditional, Bilingual, Day School
North Point School on

North Point School

Calgary, AB
$8,000 ~ $16,500
Gr. JK-12, Gender separate K-9, Coed 10-12, Progressive, Day School
Canadian French International School

Calgary French and International School

Calgary, AB
$9,710 ~ $19,700
Gr. PS-12, Coed, French Immersion, International Baccalaureate, Day School
Calgary Academy on

Calgary Academy & Calgary Collegiate

Calgary, AB
$15,625 ~ $20,300
Gr. K-12, Coed, Traditional, Learning Differences, Day School
Third Academy on

Third Academy

Calgary, AB
$12,000 ~ (Sliding scale tuition)
Ages 5-19, Coed, Special Needs, Day School

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The Alberta Education System.  Learn more

Alberta Education System

In Canada elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education is a provincial responsibility and there are many variations between the provinces. As education is within provincial jurisdiction the curriculum is overseen by the province.

Alberta students consistently score well on international tests  such as Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) and the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Private / Independent Schools:

Alberta authorizes two types of private schools: Registered private schools and Accredited private schools. Before you choose a private school for your child, you should fully understand the distinction.

Registered private schools meet some essential provincial requirements such as code of conduct.  They received no government funding, and teachers  do not necessarily have Alberta teaching certificates.

Accredited Private Schools seek additional recognition beyond basic registration to receive accredited status.  

  • Accredited non-funded are mostly language and culture schools
  • Accredited funded are entitled to partial provincial funding for meeting educational standards
  • Designated Special Education Private Schools (DSEPS) serve only students with special needs

Boarding Schools:
Alberta boarding schools are either co-ed or single-gender, serving all boys or all girls. Boarding schools are well known to boast distinguished teachers and an education derived from a top-notch curriculum. Boarding schools better prepare students for life as young adults at college or university.

Home Stay:
An option of housing accommodations in a home with a family in residence.

School System:
The Alberta school system is divided into 12 grade levels and three school categories (elementary, junior high and senior school):

Elementary: Grades 1 to 6.  Ages 6 to 12

Junior:  Grades 7 to 9.  Ages 12 to 15

Senior:  Grades 10 to 12.  Ages 15 to 18.

The school year is traditionally from September to June. In senior high school, the school year is divided into two semesters with exams at the end of each semester.

  • Summer holidays: two months (July and August)
  • Winter holidays: two weeks at the end of December
  • Spring break: One week either late March or early April
  • High School first semester: September to end of January
  • High School second semester: February to the end of June

After senior high, students may choose to continue their studies at a post-secondary institution.

Post-secondary education in Canada is also the responsibility of the individual provinces and territories. They provide the majority of funding to their public post-secondary institutions, with the remainder of funding coming from tuition fees, the federal government, and research grants.

Post-secondary education in Alberta is regulated by the Ministry of Advanced Education. There are six public universities in Alberta, eleven public colleges, two poly technical institutes (which grant degrees), and seven private colleges (all of which grant degrees). Most private universities refer to themselves as “university colleges”, and they grant equivalent degrees. Unlike the United States, there is no “accreditation body” that oversees the universities in Canada. Universities in Canada have degree-granting authority via an Act or Ministerial Consent from the Ministry of Education of the particular province.

As of 2016 there are 96 universities in Canada. 1.8 million students are enrolled in university. Programs are offered to graduating high school students through choice, however, students must maintain specific entering averages, which generally range from 65–85%, depending on criteria set by the chosen university.

Association of Independent Schools & Colleges in Alberta

AISCA was established in 1958 and our mission is to promote the general welfare of AISCA and of independent schools and colleges in the Province of Alberta. We strive to support and encourage high standards of education in the independent schools and colleges of the Province of Alberta.”

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