Via Vita Academy

Shambhala School

Halifax Independent School

Bedford Academy

Class Afloat - West Island College International

Landmark East School

Halifax Grammar School

Sacred Heart School of Halifax

Armbrae Academy

Kings-Edgehill School

Halifax Christian Academy

Touchstone Academy

King's View Academy

Bridgeway Academy - Dartmouth

Bridgeway Academy - Yarmouth

Bridgeway Academy - Stellarton

Bridgeway Academy - Truro

The Booker School

Birch Hills

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Guardianship? Who needs it?

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires unaccompanied foreign students studying in Canada to have a legal guardian in place if they are under the age of majority.

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Nova Scotia Schools

King's Edgehill School on

King's-Edgehill School

Windsor, Nova Scotia
$19,950 - $63,550
Gr. 6-12, Coed, International Baccalaureate, Day & Boarding School
Harbourview Montessori on

Harbourview Montessori

Sydney, Nova Scotia
$8,000 ~ $10,000
Ages 3 - 12 yrs, Coed, Montessori, Day School
Fredericton Montessori Academy on SchoolAdvice

Fredericton Montessori Academy

Fredericton, NB
$9,500 ~ $14,500
Gr. PS-9, Coed, Montessori, Day School
Mount Academy on

Mount Academy

Charlottetown, PEI
$12,500 - $40,000
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Traditional, Sports focus, Day and Boarding School
Munroe Acdademy on

Munro Academy

Balls Creek & Sydney Mines, NS
$6,240 ~ $16,500
Gr. PS-12, Coed, Traditional, International Baccalaureate, Faith based (Christian) Day & Home Stay School
Colchester Christian Academy on

Colchester Christian Academy

Truro, NS
Gr. PS - 12, Coed, Traditional, Faith based (Christian), Day School
Ocean View Christian Academy on

Ocean View Christian Academy

Centreville, NS
$2,000 ~ $4,800
Gr. PS - 9, Coed, Traditional, Faith based (Christian), Day School
Summit Academy of Active Learning on

Summit Academy of Active Learning

Bedford, NS
$9,500 ~ $19,500
Gr. PS - 9, Coed, Progressive, Athletics focus, Day School
Sandy Lake Academy on

Sandy Lake Academy

Bedford, NS
$5,300 ~ $15,000
Gr. PS-12, Coed, Traditional, Faith Based (Christian), Day & Boarding Schools
Maritime Muslim Academy on

Maritime Muslim Academy

Halifax, NS
$4,500 ~ $8,500
Gr. PS - 12, Coed, Traditional, Faith based, Day School
Rothesay Netherwood School on

Rothesay Netherwood School

Rothesay, NB
$25,130 ~ $70,830
Gr. 6-12, Coed, International Baccalaureate, Day & Boarding School
Shambhala School on

Shambhala School

Halifax, NS
$8,150 ~ $14,000
Gr. JK -12, Coed, Liberal Arts, Individualized Education, Day School
Birch Hills Academy on

Birch Hills Academy

Hammonds Plains, NS
$7,000 ~ $10,850
Gr. PS-3, Coed, Progressive, Alternative, Day School
The Booker School on

The Booker School

Port Williams, NS
Gr. JK-8, Coed, Progressive, IB, Day School
St. Bonaventure's College on

St. Bonaventure's College

St. John's, NL
$9,750 ~ $16,750
Gr. K-12, Coed, Traditional, Faith based (Catholic), Day School
Via Vita Academy on

Via Vita Academy

Lower Sackville, NS
$12,000 ~ $18,000
Gr. K-9, Coed, Progressive, Inquiry based, Day School
Halifax Independent School on

Halifax Independent School

Halifax, NS
$11,930 ~ $14,850
Gr. JK-9, Coed, Traditional, Theme based, Day School
Bedford Academy on

Bedford Academy

Bedford, NS
$12,000 ~ $16,000
Gr. JK-9, Coed, Traditional, Day School
Class Afloat on

Class Afloat

Lunenburg, NS
$41,000 ~ $67,000
Gr. 11-12, Coed, Global Education, Boarding School at Sea
Landmark East School on

Landmark East School

Wolfville, NS
$410,700 ~ $57,800
Gr. 2-12, Coed, Learning Differences, Day & Boarding School
Sacred Heart School of Halifax on

Sacred Heart School of Halifax

Halifax, NS
$13,820 ~ $19,360
Gr. PS-6 Coed, Gr. 7-12 Separate gender, Traditional, Faith based, Day school
Halifax Grammar School on

Halifax Grammar School

Halifax, NS
$15,980 ~ $21,600
Gr. JK-12, Coed, International Baccalaureate, Day School
Lakecrest Independent School on

Lakecrest Independent School

St. John's, NL
$11,860~ $18,118
Gr. K-10, Coed, International Baccalaureate, Day School
Ambrae Academy on

Armbrae Academy

Halifax, NS
$13,926 ~ $19,779
Gr. PK-12, Coed, Progressive, Day School
Touchstone Academy on

Touchstone Academy

Rothesay, NB
Gr. PS-5, Coed, Progressive, Day School
Bridgeway Academy on

Bridgeway Academy

Dartmouth, Ns & Truro, NS
Gr. 1-8, Coed, Learning Differences, Special needs, Day School
King's View Academy on

King's View Academy

Halifax, NS
$12,000 ~ $16,000
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Self paced, Individualized, Day & Online School
Halifax Christian Academy on

Halifax Christian Academy

Halifax, NS
$8,700 ~ $10,800
Gr. PS-12, Coed, Progressive, Christian Faith Based, Day School

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Nova Scotia Education System

The education system in Canada covers elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. Education throughout Canada is governed by each provincial and territorial government, so there are slight differences between each province’s education system.

Canada provides universal, free elementary and secondary schooling for 12 years, except the province of Quebec which is 11. Education is compulsory and in Nova Scotia is mandatory to the age of 16.

Elementary: Children usually enter kindergarten at age 5. Elementary school generally includes grades 1 through 6. Some regions have 2 years of middle school or junior high school, and in areas without these, elementary school goes up to grade 7.

Secondary: Secondary school–usually called high school–encompasses grades 9 through 12. In regions without middle school and junior high, it also includes grades 7 and 8.

Post-secondary: Post-secondary education in Canada includes career college (also known as vocational school), community college, university and grad school.

Language programs: Language programs (English or French as a second language) are offered at middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities and private language schools throughout Canada. You can read more on these school types in the appropriate sections of this website.

School districts: Canada is divided into public school districts, which in turn have school boards (elected officials) that implement policy and provincial curriculum. A school district usually serves one or more cities or towns, depending on their size.

Religious affiliation: Schools in Canada may be secular (no religious affiliation), Catholic or Christian (various Protestant denominations). Some provinces have separate school boards for religious and non-religious schools.

Public and private: Canada’s education system includes public schools, which are free and funded by the government, and private schools, for which students have to pay. At the post-secondary level, public colleges and universities still require students to pay tuition, but it is substantially less than tuition at private universities.

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