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It is hiring season across in the Independent School Network in Canada.  Once the March break is done, most schools have a fairly good idea of what their staffing requirements will be for the next academic year.  Enrollment data is near completion, senior staff members have given notice of retirement and administration has let the staff know whether there is a place for them in the coming year.   Tenured faculty members have filed their intentions for the coming year with the administration.

There remains an balance of qualified and experienced educators in Canada looking for available teaching positions, however SchoolAdvice is seeing an increasingly aggressive advertising approach by top schools as well as an increase in re-posting of ads after the initial application deadline. This suggests that a suitable candidate was not found in the first go around.  International schools are in dire need of qualified teachers and Canada is often the place they turn to for new hires.  All this to say that here at SchoolAdvice we see the beginning of the end of the glut in skilled educators.  Good news for those young teachers coming into the market and a call to action for the human resource departments of Independent, private, and public schools in Canada.  Schools world wide are invited to post career opportunities on SchoolAdvice at this link.


Trinity College School


In Canada the greatest number of job openings are on the West Coast in Vancouver & Victoria and in Ontario in the East. This is directly related to the higher density of Independent Schools in these regions as a result of ever increasing populations.  Unfortunately the Province of Quebec is seeing a decline in job availability for teachers in the English sector as the effects of language legislation continue to reduce the number of available students.  More and more Quebec based Independent Schools are looking towards the International Community to recruit students and are developing Home Stay programs to support these efforts.   SchoolAdvice has noticed a significant drop (Montreal & Quebec region) in the number of education career opportunity postings over the 2016/17 school year.

It is interesting to note that Francophone teachers in Quebec are flocking to schools outside of Quebec to take up jobs in French Immersion programs offered by many schools in Toronto, Ottawa, and  further afield.


Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's


SchoolAdvice posts employment opportunities available across the Canadian Independent School Network on a daily basis and provides free services to Professional Educators seeking employment. Post your free “Educator Available” listing.

All the best in your job search!

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International Careers in Education

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Peterson Schools, Mexico

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Canadian International School of Beijing

Colegio Panamericano, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Colegio Panamericano, Bucaramanga, Colombia


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