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SchoolAdvice makes every effort to list all single sex schools in Canada. While some schools choose to pay a fee for prominent placement, most schools are published pro-bono. We do this to support a key pillar of the SchoolAdvice mission: providing families with the most comprehensive list of school options. Please note, all girls, single sex schools are listed in random order.

We also offer families considering all girls schools a free 30 minute consultation. SchoolAdvice consultants are accredited education professionals with teaching and administration experience in the public, private, and independent school sectors. Get in touch to learn more.

List of Canadian all girls schools

St. Anne's School on SchoolAdvice

St. Anne's School

Aurora, ON
Available in January 2023
Gr. 5-10, All Girls, Academic, University Prep, Day School
ECS on SchoolAdvice

Miss Edgar's & Miss Cramp's School

Montreal, QC
$21,800 ~ $26,380
Gr. K-11, All Girls, Progressive, French Immersion, Day School
English Eligibility Required
The Sacred Heart School of Montreal on

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

Montreal, QC
$19,430 ~ $61,190
Gr. 7-12, All girls, Traditional, Day & Boarding School
English Eligibility Required (Gr. 7-11), Offers Grade 12
The Bishop Strachan School on

The Bishop Strachan School

Toronto, ON
$35,800 ~ $69,145
Gr. JK-12, All girls, University Preparatory, Day & Boarding School
St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School on

St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School

Oakville, ON
$12,600 ~ $31,065
Gr. PS-12, All Girls, Progressive, Day School
Elmwood School on

Elmwood School

Ottawa, ON
$16,970 ~ $32,800
Gr. PS-12, All Girls, International Baccalaureate, Day School
The Study on

The Study

$24,460 ~ $27,500
Gr. K-11, All girls, Progressive, Bilingual, Day School
English Eligibility NOT required
St. Mary's Academy on

St. Mary's Academy

Winnipeg, MN
Gr. 7-12, All Girls, Faith based (Catholic), Day School
Joan of Arc Academy on

Joan of Arc Academy Academie Jeanne d'Arc

Ottawa, ON
Gr. JK-8, All Girls, Progressive, Day School
Pensionnat Saint Nom-de-Marie

Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie

Montreal, QC
$6,000 ~ $13,000
Gr. 7-11, All girls, IB, French Language, Day & Boarding School
Holy Name of Mary College School on

Holy Name of Mary College School

Mississauga, ON
$23,695 ~ $24,495
Gr. 5-12, All girls, Progressive, Faith based (Catholic), Day School
Little Flower Academy on

Little Flower Academy

Vancouver, BC
Gr. 8-12, All girls, Academic, Faith based, Day School
London International Academy on

London International Academy

London, ON
$30,000 ~ $50,000
Gr. 9-12, Coed & All-Girls, International Baccalaureate, Day & Boarding School
College Francois de la Place on

Collège François-Delaplace

Waterville, QC
$3,000 ~ $11,000
Gr. 7-11, All girls, French Language, Day & Boarding School
The Linden School on

The Linden School

Toronto, ON
$20,400 ~ $27,700
Gr. JK-12, All Girls, Progressive, Day School
Trafalgar Castle School on

Trafalgar Castle School

Whitby, ON
$26,125 ~ $70,625
Gr. 4-12, All girls, Liberal Arts, Day & Boarding School
St. Margaret's School on

St. Margaret's School

Victoria, BC
$19,992 ~ $74,006
Gr. JK-12, All girls, Traditional, STEM, Day & Boarding School
Sacred Heart School of Halifax on

Sacred Heart School of Halifax

Halifax, NS
$13,820 ~ $19,360
Gr. PS-6 Coed, Gr. 7-12 Separate gender, Traditional, Faith based, Day school
St. Clement's School on

St. Clement's School

Toronto. ON
Gr. 1-12, All Girls, Liberal Arts, Day School
Havergal College on

Havergal College

Toronto, ON
$39,540 ~ $74,365
Gr. JK-12, All girls, AP Program, Day & Boarding School

List of international all girls schools

List of American all girls schools

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