Buffalo Seminary

Buffalo Seminary

205 Bidwell Parkway, Buffalo, New York, 14222, United States

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Buffalo SeminarySEM is an independent day and boarding school for college-bound girls. Since 1851 creative, independent thinking has been valued; now a STEAM curriculum further prepares girls for remarkable futures. SEM’s urban campus maximizes the benefits of city living: historic parks, notable architecture, galleries, shops, and cafes are steps away. Convenient 5-day boarding offers girls total access to clubs, sports, community service, extra-curriculars, and supervised study during the week, and family on the weekend.

Key Facts

School Type: Liberal Arts
Grades (Gender): 9 to 12 (Girls)
Tuition: $ 19,840 – 46,715
Average Class Size: 9:1 Ratio
Enrollment Day: 180  (9 – 12)
Boarding: 47 (9 – 12)
Contact Person: Laura Munson

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Corporate Headquarters 900 rue Lacasse, B-111 Montréal, QC Canada, H4C 2Z3

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Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 514.350.3519 | 888.509.7202
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