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SchoolAdvice makes every effort to list all schools in Canada with boarding options. While some schools choose to pay a fee for prominent placement, most schools are published pro-bono. We do this to support a key pillar of the SchoolAdvice mission: providing families with the most comprehensive list of school options. Please note, schools offering a boarding option are listed in random order.

We also offer families considering boarding schools a free 30 minute consultation with accredited educators should you require more insight regarding boarding schools.

List of Canadian boarding schools

St. Andrew's College on

St. Andrew's College

Aurora, ON
$39,655 ~ $74,355
Gr. 5-12, All boys, Traditional, Day & Boarding School
Great Lakes Christian High School on

Great Lakes Christian High School

Beamsville, ON
$14,000 ~ $45,000
Gr. 9-12, Coed, Liberal Arts, Faith Based, Day & Boarding School
Sandy Lake Academy on

Sandy Lake Academy

Bedford, NS
$5,300 ~ $15,000
Gr. PS-12, Coed, Traditional, Faith Based (Christian), Day & Boarding Schools
Albert College on

Albert College

Belleville, ON
$19,800 ~ $79,200
Gr. PK-12, Coed, Traditional, Day & Boarding School
Applewood Academy on

Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning

Belleville, ON
$29,000 ~ $84,000
Gr. 1-12, Coed, Special Needs, Therapeutic, Day & Boarding School
Dewey Institute on

Dewey Institute

Bracebridge, ON
$6,400 ~ $28,000
Gr. 1-12, Coed, Traditional, University Prep, Day/Boarding/Online School
Haven International School on

Haven International School

Brampton, ON
$7,700 ~ $26,500
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Traditional, University Prep, Day, Boarding,and Online School
Fulford Academy on

Fulford Academy

Brockville, ON
$16,600 ~ $61,420
Gr. 6-12, Coed, Progressive, Day & Boarding School
Laureate College on

Laureate College

Burlington, ON
$9,600 ~ $44,800
Gr. 9-12, Coed, Traditional, Day, Boarding, Online School
The Hill Academy on

The Hill Academy

Caledon, ON
$12,500 ~ $40,300 + Athletic Fee $12,000 - $25,000
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Sports focused, Day & Boarding School
Alberta Ballet School on

Alberta Ballet School

Calgary, AB & Edmonton, AB
$16,500 ~ $25,000
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Arts Focused, Day & Boarding School
Mount Academy on

Mount Academy

Charlottetown, PE
$12,500 - $40,000
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Traditional, Sports focus, Day and Boarding School
College Rivier on

Collège Rivier

Coaticook, QC
$2,985 ~ $25,500
Gr. 7-11, Coed, French Language, Day & Boarding School
Queen Margaret's School on

Queen Margaret’s School

Duncan, BC
$5,800 ~ $70,000
Gr. JK-12, Coed, Progressive, Day & Boarding School
Niagara Christian Collegiate on

Niagara Christian Collegiate

Fort Erie, ON
$42,425 ~ $50,425
Gr. 6-12, Coed, Traditional, Day & Boarding School
Mennonite Collegiate Institute on

Mennonite Collegiate Institute

Gretna, MN
Tuition: $6,285 ~ $26,435
Gr. 9-12, Coed, Traditional, Faith Based, University Preparatory, Day & Boarding School
Columbia International College on

Columbia International College

Hamilton, ON
$16,200 ~ $54,635
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Traditional, Day & Boarding School
St. Peter’s ACHS College School on

St. Peter's ACHS College School

Harrow, ON
$8,500 ~ $29,000
Gr. 1-8, All boys, Traditional, Day &Boarding
Venture Academy on

Venture Academy Troubled Teens Program (BC)

Kelowna, BC ~ Barrie Area, ON
$ Varies with Treatment Program
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Troubled Teens, Day & Boarding School
Lakefield College School on

Lakefield College School

Lakefield, ON
$35,700 ~ $75,000
Gr. 9-12, Coed, AP Program, Day & Boarding School

List of international boarding schools

List of American boarding schools

St. Francis

St. Francis High School

Hamburg, New York
Gr. 9-12, Boys, Traditional, Day & Boarding
Georgetown Preparatory School

Georgetown Preparatory School

North Bethesda, Maryland
$39,385 ~ $63,800
Gr. 9-12, All Boys, College Prep, Faith Based, Day & Boarding School
The Brook Hill School on

The Brook Hill School

Bullard, TX
$6,395 ~ $53,795
Gr. PK - 12, Coed, College Prep, Faith Based, Day & Boarding School
St. Margaret's School, Virginia, on

St. Margaret's School

Tappahannock, Virgina
$21,000 ~ $55,800
Gr. 8-12 +PG, All Girls, Traditional, University Prep., Day & Boarding School
Army and Navy Academy

Army and Navy Academy

Carlsbad, California
$28,000 ~ $48,000
Gr. 7-12, Boys, Traditional, Gifted Program, Day & Boarding
Baylor School

Baylor School

Chattanooga, Tennessee
$28,310 ~ $61,875
Gr. 6-12, Coed, AP Programs, College Prep, Day & Boarding School
Annie Wright Schools on

Annie Wright Schools

Tacoma, Washington
$19,800 ~ $68,500
Gr. PS-12, Coed, IB, Day & Boarding School
Alpine Academy on

Alpine Academy

Erda, UT
Gr. 7-12, Separate Genders, Therapeutic, Traditional, Boarding School
St. George's Rhode Island

St. George's School

Middletown, Rhode Island
$48,375 ~ $69,650
Gr. 9-12, Coed, College Prep, Day & Boarding School
Cheshire Academy

Cheshire Academy

Cheshire, Connecticut
$29,850 ~ $57,250
Gr. 9-12 +PG, College Prep, IB, Coed, Day & Boarding
Spire Institute & Academy on

SPIRE Institute & Academy

Geneva, Ohio
$42,900 ~ $59,900
Gr. 9 - 12, Coed, Progressive, Sports Focused, Boarding School
The Gow School on

The Gow School

South Wales, NY
$56,500 ~ $77,500
Gr. 6-12, Coed, Traditional, Support for Learning Differences, Day & Boarding
Southwestern Academy

Southwestern Academy

Rimrock, Arizona & San Marino, California
$22,500 ~ $54,100
Gr. 6-12, Coed, Traditional, Day & Boarding
Oak Ridge Military Academy 2

Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge, North Carolina
$18,600 ~ $34,600
Gr. 7-12, Coed, Military, College Prep, Day & Boarding School
Saint James School Profile

Saint James School

Hagerstown, Maryland
$33,500 ~ $54,500 International Support $9,000
Gr. 8-12, Coed, University Prep, Episcopal Day and Boarding School
The Rectory School

The Rectory School

Pomfret, Connecticut
$19,000 ~ $76,600
Gr. PK-9, Coed, Junior Boarding, Day & Boarding School
Leman Manhattan on

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School

New York, NY
$7,900 ~ $59,600
Gr. PK-12, Coed, College Prep, IB, Day & Boarding
Stevenson School

Stevenson School

Pebble Beach, California Carmel, California
$18,600 ~ $72,300
Gr. PK-12, Coed, College Prep, Gifted Support, Child Centered, Day & Boarding School
The Gunnery

The Gunnery

Washington, Connecticut
$44,425 ~ $55,350
Gr. 9-12 +PG, Coed, College Prep, AP, Day & Boarding

Kents Hill School

Readfield, Maine
$29,100 ~ $53,600
Gr. 9-12 +PG, Coed, College Prep, Learning Differences, Day & Boarding
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