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by Katie Nicol | SchoolAdvice Academy Director  | [email protected]

English is a complex language to learn with a ton of intricacies in its grammatical structure. Luckily, with SchoolAdvice Academy’s online English language learning program, developing English fluency is much more structured, engaging and efficient! We are dedicated to the personal and academic success of students through a personalized, hands on approach based on the students strengths and interests.  


When we think of a traditional classroom, we often think of a physical room where we sit at desks, use textbooks and see the teacher standing at the front. However, times are changing and many people are seeing the benefits of learning in non traditional environments, such as online learning. One popular mode, which we use at SchoolAdvice Academy, is live, synchronous online lessons using top of the line video conferencing tools. Our online learning services are a great option for those who need flexibility and whose schedules cannot fit for an in person session. With our use of technology and conferencing platforms, online tutoring has never been better!


Some added benefits of our online learning environment include:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Screen Sharing and mouse control
  • Document Sharing
  • Recorded sessions (optional)


Upon starting your English language learning journey with us, we will discuss your goals with you, whether they be academic, professional or personal. You will then write a comprehensive placement exam where we can effectively analyze the results to develop an individualized English learning program to help you meet your goals.

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Based on the results of your free assessment, SchoolAdvice creates a custom ESL program for you.

SchoolAdvice Academy’s approach fits to the needs of each individual learner, no matter the age or skill level. We work closely with the families, schools and classroom teachers to provide students with a strong support system. We also offer feedback after each lesson so that we can appropriately follow and manage each student’s learning goals.


Develop your English language skills with SchoolAdvice Academy.

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