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A Personal Learning Plan is becoming a necessary part of a students educational footprint.  Secondary schools in the United States have, in some states, made this a required element in a student’s curriculum.  Certain key elements need to be considered when creating an PLP so here are some guidelines.

  • academic scheduling
  • career exploration
  • career and employment-related skills
  • community partnerships
  • college access
  • all forms of post secondary training
  • experiential learning opportunities

Creating a PLP helps students to understand and identify their unique skills, interests, and personal values.  Returning to the plan on a regular basis helps to keep students focused on the future and provides them with the opportunity to adjust and re-tune.

Education consultants and admissions counsellors can be very helpful in assisting families and students to create, refine and update their academic plans.

At SchoolAdvice, our lead consultant for students seeking assistance with planning and executing a successful educational outcome is Julie Hooton.  Here is what Julie has to say about her approach…


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