Back-to-School Introduction Letters & Tips to Calm First Day Anxiety

The Introduction Letter

A Back-To-School introduction letter can be a good way to start the year for many primary , junior school, and middle school children.  It’s an ice breaker and allows your child to get up close with his or her new teacher on the first day back to school. It is a good idea to remind your children that this year’s teacher probably knows less about them than last years’ teacher and that the new teacher is likely to appreciate the letter.

Use the letter to share important information with the teacher.  Although the school should have medical records and allergy information on file for every student, it’s useful to let the teacher know if the child has a specific medical issue.  You may also want to let the teacher know about special accommodations.

Think of the Back-To-School introduction letter as a guide and personalize them in a way that suits both you and your child.

There is a version for primary schools students and another for junior and middle school kids.


Tips for Easing Back-To-School Anxiety

  • Adjust Bedtime Gradually as First Day Approaches
  • Involve your children in shopping for back to school supplies.
  • Always be reading to and with your children. It should not be something new when they start school.
  • Kids are concerned about their appearance. Include them in choosing the clothes they will be wearing to school.
  • For families with more than one child returning to school, choose schools supplies with a color theme in mind for each child.
  • Create and build excitement in advance of the start of school. Focus on the positive.

Junior School Introduction Form

Middle School Introduction Form


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