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Prestigious Medal Goes to Grade 11 Student

Every year, the Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal is awarded to deserving graduates of high schools, CEGEPs and universities in Quebec. The awards recognize young Quebecers who have distinguished themselves both in their academic studies and in extracurricular activities that make positive change in their communities. This year, the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, presented the annual awards at a ceremony in Montreal on April 30th. Head of School, Ms. Claude, proudly looked on as the Honorable J. Michel Doyon presented an award to Grade 11 student Charlotte Van Dyke-Talbot. An ECS “lifer” Charlotte has won countless awards for her achievements as a musician, speaker, writer, and scholar. The entire community congratulates her!

May 8, 2017

Cross Generational Experiences.

The Grade 4 students had the opportunity to interview residents of the Manoir Westmount Senior Residence. This interview project was in conjunction with the Language Arts Unit: The Inner Heroine. This unit takes a look into the influences and experiences that make people who they are at a particular time in their life and over the span of a lifetime. The objective of this project is to give the Grade 4 girls an opportunity to further develop their interpersonal communication skills through observation, active listening, reasoning, and reflection. The girls conducted a twenty-minute interview with the goal of establishing a connection with the essential questions: Who makes a person who they are?

May 4, 2017

Re-Thinking and Re-Using Materials for an Inventive Art Project.

During Art classes this year Grade 3 students made teddy bears and created imaginative habitats for them. They cut the bears from recycled white cotton fabric which they decorated using permanent fabric markers. Students then sewed around their bears and filled them with batting. Once finished this part of the project, students were invited to bring in empty shoe boxes from home. They had an array of recycled materials, foam pieces, cardboard tubes, colourful duct tape, fabric and paper scraps to use while making the ideal place for their bears to live.

STEM Activity – Grade 3 at ECS

Friday afternoon the girls in Grade 3 worked on a STEM activity. They had to design a parachute that would safely delivery their pink pony to the ground. The girls could use whatever supplies they could find. We will be testing the final product on Monday.

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