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by Danielle at Hudson College, October 1, 2019
The Hudson honey bees have been very busy.  A few weeks ago, the bee keepers from Alveole came to collect the frames of honey from our hive. In a few weeks time, the bee keepers will visit the Grade 1 and Grade 2 students to teach them how to extract honey from the frames.  Our Hudson honey will be available for sale soon.
When the bee hive was installed in the spring, there were 2 levels of hive with 2 frames of eggs, 1 frame of honey, and approximately 15,000 bees.  As the season progressed,it grew to 12 frames of eggs, 11 frames of honey and approximately 60,000 bees.  Levels were added to house the growing colony.  Now that the honey frames have been removed, the bees are preparing for winter:  the queen’s has drastically reduced her egg laying, the drones are leaving the hive, and the population has dropped.  Our hive is now just 1 level of hive with 7 frames of eggs, 3 frames of honey, and approximately 15,000 bees.

An Alveole beekeeper checking on the hive health.

​The beekeeper provided food for the colony, a mixture of sugar water and essential oils.  She told us that in the autumn there are less flowers to provide pollen and nectar, but also that once the weather drops to 15 degrees or colder, blooming flowers will stop producing quality nectar, which means the bees in an urban hive require extra nutrients to prepare for winter. 

A mixture of essential oils and sugar water is used to feed the honey bees.

Our hive will remain on the roof top over the winter.  The remaining members of the hive will cluster close together around the queen and vibrate their wings to maintain a balmy temperature between 32-35 degrees Celsius.  Even today, we were able to hold our hand over the hive and feel the heat generated by the bees.

Holding your hand above the hive, you can feel the heat generated by the drones.

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