HTS Exploring Creativity in the Grade 8 Drama and Grade 12 Media Arts Interdisciplinary Zombie Project

Lisa West, Middle School Drama Teacher

Over the last two weeks, the Grade 8 drama and Grade 12 media arts classes were highly engaged with one another in a rich, authentic interdisciplinary project, creating and executing zombie films.

In preparation for their filming, the Grade 8 students welcomed a number of guest artists into their classroom to learn about stage combat choreography and how to apply special effects makeup. In late October, Paola Ortiz joined the classes to teach students how to use makeup to create bruises, scabs and open wounds. Stage combat artists, Michael Dufays and Tammy Everett from The Academy of Fight Directors of Canada taught students the safety procedures of creating an illusion of fight in stage combat by exploring how to safely mimick hitting, hair pulling, face-smashing and slapping.

With all of the skills the Grade 8 students learned, they worked closely with their partners to develop trust and communication skills. Students then selected and combined stage combat moves to form their own fight scenes. Having the opportunity to formulate their own scenes, students became collaborators to forge a path towards success on their journey of learning.


Building on their experience and filming fight scenes from last year, the Grade 12 media art class got behind the camera and filmed the fight sequences that the Grade 8 students developed. Using sets, lighting and multiple camera angles, the Grade 12 students captured excellent footage. In the new year, the students will be adding sound effects and a musical score as they edit the footage into a polished piece. Once the editing process has been completed, the Grade 8 and 12 students will join forces once again to enjoy the fruits of their labour with a formal theatrical viewing of their combined efforts!
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