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Sue Whitney, Rachel Reynolds & Alex Hatton; Photo by Paul Fletcher

The 2nd X1 team is the sweet jam in the sandwich – the outside layers are the 1st X1 and Development. This season, field hockey had more of an on-campus profile thanks to the donation of the artificial turf by a former player and her family. This enabled us to train occasionally at the school and play 7-aside interhouse matches. The majority of our games and training, however, were on Duncan’s turfs alongside the 1st X1. As a result, some of our players graduated to that team and we acquired Development team players to replace them.

We had a mixed season starting with a few returning players, Grade 8s, and athletic beginners learning their skills and rules of the game at a tournament in the first week. Being urged, motivated and challenged by alumnae Alex Hatton and Rachel Reynolds and organized and vocally directed by Sue Whitney (with 65 years of experience!) the team had a marvellous, fun season. We were captained by Alannah G, a positive role model.

Our forward line up showed no mercy down the wing – Amy P centered the ball to hungry forwards. Slava, Waca, Atisha, Leah & Sophia learned their craft of being in the right place at the right time.

The midfield engines hustled harder as the season went on – it must have been all of those sprints we threatened – and continued to feed our forwards – Grace, Jessica and Alannah – amazing passes and got some goals of their own. The defenders were a force to be reckoned with. Thank you Sadie, Emma (when your collarbone wasn’t broken), Rory (when you had teeth), Lily, AnhThy and Charlotte (when your wrist wasn’t strained) for keeping it out of our net. We also had our skilled, and loud, goalies, Eric, newcomer Skye – short but fierce in net – and Sloane. They made some phenomenal saves and kept us competitive.

It was a busy season with several tournaments and weekly competitions. Wins, draws, and losses aside, the girls are now ready to show their grit and joy in whatever sport they choose. Graduates, we hope you play field hockey wherever you go.

Sue Whitney, Rachel Reynolds & Alex Hatton

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Head of School: Bud Patel
Contact Person: Clayton Johnston, Director of Admissions

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