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SchoolAdvice, New York, provides admission consulting to families and students considering K-12 schools and university level studies in, Canada, the United States, Australia, the UK and Europe. Our global network of professional educators works with families seeking the best day and boarding school options for their children. We offer a free 30 minute consultation via video conference, telephone, or personal visit.  Chat online with an education consultant to ask questions and seek advice.


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Meet the Team Behind SchoolAdvice New York

SchoolAdvice Affiliate

At this time SchoolAdvice is searching for an experienced educator/admissions consultant interested in joining the SchoolAdvice Network as a New York Affiliate. Ideally the individual or organization is currently active in assisting families seeking best fit schools in New York and other regions in the United States. As a member of the SchoolAdvice Network, the Affiliate would receive referrals from other SchoolAdvice Affiliates located around the globe. If you are interested please contact Michael Hayes at [email protected] or call 866-300-9181


SchoolAdvice Services


School Selection and Application

SchoolAdvice works with you to find and enroll your children in the ‘best fit’ schools.


Student VISA Application

SchoolAdvice will guide you through the process of acquiring a student VISA.


Legal Guardianship Services

SchoolAdvice provides legal guardianship services for your son or daughter while attending Canadian schools.


Advisor Services

SchoolAdvice offers educational advisory services for students enrolled in Canadian and US Schools.


Family Immigration and Settlement Services

SchoolAdvice assists families with Canadian and US immigration.


Advocacy services

SchoolAdvice consultants advocate for parents and students of Independent Schools.


Student Advisory and Support

SchoolAdvice consultants offer 24/7 assistance to students enrolled in Independent Schools.


Student Assessment

SchoolAdvice will arrange for professional educational assessments for your children.


IEP Development

SchoolAdvice consultants works with families and education professionals to develop customized IEP’s for students.


Educational Planing

SchoolAdvice works with students and families to develop short and long term educational footprints.

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Meet the Team Behind SchoolAdvice USA

Martha Monty

Lead Consultant

Martha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from McGill University and an MA in International Education from New York University. Her expertise lies in global and cross-cultural education. Before moving to New York, Martha spent ten years working in the Canadian independent school network as an educator and a director of student travel where she collaborated with schools in Europe, the UK, and Asia. In addition to her role with School Advice, Martha currently works in the field of international women’s leadership and girls’ education.

Contact: [email protected]
888 509 8939 Ext 205

Randy Wallock

Lead Consultant

Over the past ten years, Randy has been assisting students and families navigate the private school and college admissions process. From essay writing to test preparation, Randy’s guidance helps students identify and gain admission to the schools that best fit their academic and social dispositions. Beyond this specialization, Randy works as the lead tutor for The Broken Pencil Project, a company he began in 2014. He also teaches 7th grade Language Arts in Summit, New Jersey. Currently, Randy holds two master’s degrees, the first in elementary education and a second in educational philosophy.
Contact: [email protected]
888 509 8939 Ext 206