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Westboro Academy

200 Brewer Way, Ottawa, ON K1S 5R2, Canada


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What Westboro Academy says..

We are a proud leader in bilingual education for boys and girls from JK to grade 8. Our small, co-ed community and commitment to excellence make us a private school of choice for Ottawa families. Our approach and dedication to bilingualism have proven to have excellent results and our students excel academically. Priority is given to the social and moral development of all of the students, focusing on excellence, respect and integrity as our core values. The whole child is nurtured and encouraged to meet his or her full potential.  We also give priority to delivering the highest possible level of care to our students, thus ensuring that they meet their full potential as contributing and thriving members of their communities. We pride ourselves in our academic excellence, but also in being a small community of 160 students.  We are like a family here, and everybody will know your child.  Children of all ages play together and demonstrate care and concern for one another.  The staff knows each and every child by name and can care for them as individuals.  With only one small class for each grade level and a class size maximum of 18 students, your child will get the attention he/she needs at Westboro Academy.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Westboro Academy is to provide a truly bi‍‍‍lingual and exceptional education, in a community-focused and nurturing environment. We cultivate independence, critical-thinking and character, in preparation for life-long learning.

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Last Update: 18.10.08

Key Facts

School Type: Liberal Arts, Bilingual
Grades (Gender): JK – 8 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 15,000
Average Class Size:  18
Enrollment Day: 165 (JK – 8)
Contact Person: Kim Bourgeois
Employment Opportunities & Hire History

September 17, 2018 – Admissions & Marketing Director
May 22, 2018 – Head of School


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