Trafalgar Castle School

Trafalgar Castle School

401 Reynolds Street, Whitby, Ontario, L1N 3W9, Canada


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trafalgar castle school


In an all-girls’ school, each girl can relax and be herself without wondering what a boy might be thinking. She can feel free to tackle challenges, to take chances and to try out new roles. She can speak up in class, try out for the school play, or don a silly hat on House Day – all without the social pressures that often arise in a co-ed setting.

By removing boys from the equation, an all-girls’ education enhances the quality of learning and leadership for students, both inside the classroom and beyond. Simply put, an all-girls’ environment prepares girls academically, emotionally and socially for a future of endless possibilities.

  • When rating their computer skills, 36% of graduates of independent girls’ schools consider themselves strong students, compared to 26% of their co-ed peers.
  • 48% of girls’ school alumnae rate themselves great at math versus 37% for girls in co-ed schools.
  • Three times as many alumnae of single-sex schools plan to become engineers.

(Research provided by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools)

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Last Update: 18.09.03

Key Facts

School Type: Liberal Arts, AP Program
Grades (Gender): 5 – 12 (Girls)
Tuition: $ 21,995 – 56,950
Average Class Size:  15
Enrollment Day: 125 (5 – 12)
Enrollment Boarding: 85 (7 – 12)
Contact Person: Martha Cassidy


Employment Opportunities & Hire History

August 13, 2018 – After School Care Giver
June 19, 2018 – Boarding Life Don
May 23, 2018 – Guidance & University Counsellor
May 17, 2018 – Social Sciences Teacher
April 24, 2018 – Language Arts Grade 8 / English Grade 10
April 10, 2018 – Child & Youth Worker
February 26, 2018 – Boarding Life Don
February 1, 2018 – Grade 4 Teacher
November 2, 2017 – Boarding Life Don


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