St. Johnsbury Academy

St. Johnsbury, Vermont
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St. Johnsbury Academy

1000 Main Street, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819, United States


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St. Johnsbury Academy




Founded in 1842, St. Johnsbury Academy is a comprehensive independent day and boarding school widely praised for its successful development of character, academic excellence, and community in its students.

Our culture fosters a tradition of respect for all members of our community, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, cultural background, or family economic resources.

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Last Update: 18.09.20

Key Facts

School Type: College Prep
Grades (Gender): 9 to 12 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 54,500
Average Class Size: 12
Enrollment Day: 700  (9 – 12)
Enrollment Boarding: 240 (9 – 12)
Contact Person: Nicole Biggie

Why SJA?

Broad and Varied Course Offerings

We offer more than 200 academic and technical courses, 31 Advanced Placement courses and the AP Capstone Diploma, and a semester-based system that allows for advanced and independent study as well as many electives. Our average class size is 12.

As a technical center, SJA offers an array of technical courses that can complement an academic course load. A student interested in engineering can gain hands-on skills in solar electricity; a self-proclaimed “foodie” can gain impressive culinary skills.

The combination of our semester-based schedule, our small classes, our faculty that are experts in their areas of study, and the exceptional resources provided by our campus and facilities allow students to pursue a very wide array of interests and passions.

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