St. George's School of Montreal

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St. George's School of Montreal

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St. George's School of Montreal

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St. George's School of Montreal

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St. George's School of Montreal

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St. George's School of Montreal

St. George's School of Montreal - Elementary School

3100 The Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec, H3Y 1R9, Canada
3685 The Boulevard, Westmount, Quebec, H3Y 1S9, Canada


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st. georges school

St. George’s School of Montreal was founded almost 90 years ago for one ambitious and timely purpose: to offer a creative, disciplined, and innovative approach to education so that we could, in turn, reliably graduate the creative, disciplined, and innovative thinkers the world so desperately needed. Today, that timeless founding ideal still drives us to stimulate, stretch, and strengthen all facets of our students’ minds, and to graduate young people who are as well-prepared as they are well-rounded.


St. George’s School of Montreal provides a hands-on, well-balanced and rigorous educational experience. Mindful of the different strengths and needs of all of our learners, we prepare each student for what lies ahead.

At St. George’s:

  • We challenge students to think critically and express themselves creatively; our students are confident problem-solvers.
  • We provide a nurturing, respectful environment that encourages both self-discovery and collaboration; our students enjoy and value learning.
  • We embrace meaningful inquiry and thoughtful reflection within and beyond the classroom; our students grow into engaged and compassionate citizens.

Grounded in the themes and practices of progressive education since 1930, St. George’s is aligned and actively engaged with research and innovation dedicated to the education of the whole child.

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Last Update: 17.12.24

Key Facts

School Type: Progressive
Grades (Gender): K to 11 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 17,390 – $21,220
Average Class Size: 12- 20
Enrollment Day: 450  (K-11)
Contact Person: Kathay Carson


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