Springdale Preparatory School

Springdale Preparatory School

500 Main Street. New Windsor, Maryland 21776, USA

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Springdale Preparatory School challenges each student to pursue academic and personal goals. Whether in the classrooms, art studios, residences, athletic fields, student town hall meetings, or weekend activities, SPS’s nurturing community will encourage each learner to embrace every experience as an opportunity for growth and self-awareness while learning to participate responsibly within a diverse community.

Key Facts

School Type: Traditional, University Prep, Sports Focused
Grades (Gender): 5 to 12 (Coed)
Tuition: US$ 18,500 – 54,500
Average Class Size: Varies
Enrollment Day: Varies  (5 – 12)
Enrollment Boarding: Varies (5 -12)
Contact Person: Johnny Graham

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