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37 Jacob Keffer Pkwy. Vaughan, ON, L4K 5N8


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What Rutherford Private School says..

Rutherford School offers a challenging program in a nurturing environment, with small classes, individual attention, and outstanding teachers as our hallmarks. A traditional and structured, yet creative curriculum serves a range of diverse students within a family-like environment. Rutherford School creates an atmosphere of academic excellence, as we seek to imbue students with a love of learning and provide sound preparation for higher education.

At the centre of our philosophy is the idea that securing a broad foundation of knowledge is essential to a successful adult life. Learning how to learn, although important, cannot replace the development of a knowledge base that allows a child to participate fully in his/her environment. We therefore strive to expose our students to the major achievements and works within each discipline.

Having been taught this information, we ensure that it is remembered through frequent review and testing. By gaining this knowledge, children can converse intelligently with others on a broad range of topics. We believe that a child will grow and achieve best when surrounded by those who actively engage in the joy of learning and discovery.

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Last Update: 19.01.22

Key Facts

School Type: Progressive , Montessori, University Prep
Grades (Gender): PS – 12 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 9,900 – $29,000 (Varies by program)
Average Class Size:  Varies
Enrollment Day | Boarding: 150 (PS – 12)
Contact Person: Dr. Igor Sarjinsky (Principal)

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