North Toronto Christian School

North Toronto Christian School

255 Yorkland Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 1S3
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What NTCS says..

North Toronto Christian School is a co-educational, interdenominational Christian elementary and high school (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12). NTCS is not affiliated with any specific church or denomination. It is the purpose of NTCS to provide a sound academic education integrated with a Christian view of God and the world.

Strong Minds: The Intellectual

The objective of the academic program of NTCS is to create a partnership between the home and the school that will develop in each student a lifelong love of learning.

The teachers are carefully chosen to model a Christian lifestyle to the students, to be proficient in their chosen field of study, to be effective communicators with young people, and to be committed to the total ministry of the school.

NTCS desires to develop students who are growing spiritually as well as mentally and physically. Ideally, they will be well-mannered, sensitive to the needs of others, honest, proud of their accomplishments, self-disciplined in mind and body, responsible, and articulate. As a result, the program is designed for devoted students only — students who are serious about life and learning. Students who are wandering aimlessly through school with no effort, goals, or love of learning will be easily discouraged by the competitive, focused environment and should not consider NTCS for their education.

Key Facts

School Type: Traditional, Faith Based
Grades (Gender): K to 12 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 10,750
Average Class Size: 24
Enrollment Day & Homestay: 425  (K – 12)
Head of School: Nicole Brouwer

Careers & Hire History at NTCS

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