King’s Town School

King's Town School

66 Rideau St Kingston, Ontario K7K 2Z7, Canada
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King’s Town School offers a balanced and enriched educational program from Montessori Preschool and Junior Kindergarten, all the way up to Grade 8.  All program levels focus on developing the individual as well as encouraging academic excellence.   King’s Town School exists to provide Kingston area families with a quality, enriched educational choice for their children. Within a small, cooperative community, our knowledgeable and dedicated teachers focus on an individualized approach to learning.
Key Facts
School Type: Montessori, Child-centered
Grades (Gender): PS – 8 (Coed)
Tuition: $10,500 – 12,400
Average Class Size:  Varies
Enrollment Day: Varies (PS – 8)
Contact Person: Roxanne Garwood, Principal
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