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671 Carter Rd, Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2, Canada


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Island Pacific School

About Island Pacific School

During the middle years, schools can either lose students or set them up for the rest of their lives. Put students in an environment of mediocrity and they will wither on the vine. Create a climate of challenge and expectation, and they will surprise us all. Located on Bowen Island, British Columbia, Island Pacific School (IPS) is a non-profit independent middle school uniquely designed to give grade 6-9 middle school students the education they need: an education that challenges and surprises them to become the very best of who they are. Small by design, IPS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program school with a total of 65 students.  We are accredited by both ISABC and CAIS.

Our purpose at Island Pacific School as leading education providers, therefore, is to enable our students to make the best use of these years, that is to equip and inspire them to express the very best of what it is to be a human being. Everything we do at the school — from the way we teach our courses to the extra challenges we give our students — is designed with this end in mind. We operate, as such, on the basis of the following principles:

  • That the middle years are a crucial transition time where we can either lose students, or set them up for the rest of their lives
  • That education encompasses both intellectual inquiry and the development of character
  • That teaching is, in part, a matter of initiating students into the great conversations of human inquiry
  • That schools must not insult the intelligence of the young, but instead must stretch and challenge them on all fronts
  • That students need real and special opportunities to take responsibility for themselves
  • That small schools are powerful sites in which to create an intentional educational community
  • That our essential job, as education providers, is to equip and inspire students to cultivate their humanity

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Last Update: 18.03.16

Key Facts

School Type: Liberal Arts, International Baccalaureate
Grades (Gender): 6 – 9 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 16,000 – 21,000
Average Class Size: 12 – 18
Enrollment Day: 65 (6 – 9)
Contact Person: Barbara Bingham, Director of Operations

A Canadian Accredited Independent School Member  IB Certified


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