Guildwood Village Montessori School

Guildwood Village Montessori School

297 Old Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario, M1C 1B4, Canada


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Guildwood Montessori

Montessori Village (also known as Guildwood Village Montessori School) is a well established private school located in the beautiful Highland Creek Village that offers Montessori education to children between the ages of 2.5 and 13.  For over 20 years, we have been committed to cultivating curiosity and discovery in every child.  Our aim is to make their environment as enriching as possible.
Each classroom is set up as a mini-community consisting of at least three consecutive ages.  Directing each of these student communities are two adults who have been carefully trained in teaching, caring, helping, sharing, and observing.  We are a dedicated group of trained Montessori teachers, drawn together by our love for children and passion for guiding young minds.  We offer our personal gifts, our skills and our training to provide your child with a complete education through the respectful application of Montessori principles.  We at MVEC strive to work together with parents and families to offer children the gift of learning.

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Last Update: 18.02.16

Key Facts

School Type: Montessori, Special Needs Support
Grades (Gender): PS to 6 (Coed)
Tuition: $ Inquire
Average Class Size: 8-12
Enrollment Day: Varies  (PS – 6)
Contact Person: Admissions

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