ArtsCalibre Academy

ArtsCalibre Academy

ArtsCalibre Academy

3220 Cedar Hill Road, Victoria , British Columbia, V8P 3Y3
4201 Tyndall Ave. Victoria, BC, Canada


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What ArtsCalibre Academy says..

ArtsCalibre Academy provides coed students from Preschool to Grade 8 with an Arts enriched education.  Following thematic teaching practices, ArtCalibre includes students in the process of theme decisions, ensuring students have a vested interest in their learning. ArtsCalibre’s core curriculum exceeds the BC Ministry of education Curriculum.

Core Values

Engagement: Children must be engaged for learning to occur. Full engagement is therefore one of the prerequisite aims of our program, and an essential purpose of our Fine Arts focus.
Learning Environment: Maintaining a safe, respectful, stress- and confrontation-free environment is crucial to children’s success. Learning is also greatly enhanced by our small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios.
Expression: Children who feel free to fully express themselves develop the confidence and emotional maturity to tackle any academic and social challenges they may face in the future.
Growth: ArtsCalibre Academy is growing with our children. Having built a highly reputable preschool, we are now planning to grow by at least one grade per year, to Grade 5 and beyond. Strong connections between the children, their families and our school are the natural result of this process and the warm, inviting climate that we strive to create.

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Last Update: 18.01.13

Key Facts

School Type: Progressive, Arts Focused, Reggio Emila
Grades (Gender): PS to 8 (Coed)
Tuition: $ 4,700 – 5,500
Average Class Size: 15
Enrollment Day: Varies  (PS – 8)
Contact Person: Charles Forget

Admissions Information

ArtsCalibre Academy is accepting registrations for the 2017-2018 school year and beyond.

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  2. Book a tour.
  3. Visit Website for details

Tuition Fees:

Preschool (3 -4 years old) Varies from $80 – $475 per month
Jr. Kindergarten Varies from $95 – $475 per month
Half Day Kindergarten: (2017-18) $320 per month
Full Day Kindergarten: (2017-18) $585 per month
Grades 1-8 (2017-2018) $585 per month

For more information regarding admissions contact Sandra Walton at 250.382.3533 or email

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