Submitting School Blog/News Posts

Our goal is to offer schools quick and simple options for submitting news & blog posts.
Submissions are reviewed, formatted, and published by SchoolAdvice staff.


A. Send an email about your school blog/news post to [email protected]. Attach Word Docs, PDFs, Google Doc shares.

B. Use the form below to submit a blog or news post.  It offers guidelines, suggestions, and display options.

C. SchoolAdvice Prime Subscribers, Log in to My Portal to upload a school event post.

Non subscriber evemts are posted within 36 hours of receipt, often sooner depending on ad volume. SchoolAdvice Prime Subscriber Events are published within 2 hours of receipt, include ‘Featured Status’ and a top-of-page banner displayed for 10 days.

Use this form to submit news/blogs.

SchoolAdvice Prime subscribers may submit an unlimited number of news/blog posts.

Non Subscribers are limited to 2 per calendar year.