Options for submitting career ads.

Our goal is to offer schools quick and simple options for submitting ads.
All ads are reviewed, formatted, and published by SchoolAdvice staff.

  • Send us your school’s ad by email to [email protected]. Word Docs, PDFs, Google Doc shares
  • Send us a link to your ad currently published at another location and we will take it from there.  Email the link to [email protected] and include your contact info and school name.
  • Use the form below to submit the ad. It offers guidelines, suggestions, and options for displaying the ad.

Non subscriber ads are posted within 36 hours of receipt, often sooner depending on ad volume.

SchoolAdvice Prime Subscriber Ads are published within 2 hours of receipt, include ‘Featured Status’ and a top-of-page banner displayed for 10 days.

Standard Career Posts are free of charge. Options to upgrade are available via the submission form.

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