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Benefit from SchoolAdvice Social Media Promotion of School Profile, School Events, and  Career Opportunities.
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Add additional media, admissions brochures, and include important information for prospective families and students. Illustrate your differences.

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Your school’s Prime Profile will be seen more often across The SchoolAdvice Network of websites and gets top tier placement in School Finder search results.

School Event Postings

Full page custom posts of all School events added to the School Calendar and linked to your Prime Profile.  Relevant and current information for your audience.

Career Opportuniies

Attract the best educators from around the globe to your school. Highly trafficked and school branded, career opportunity ads are linked to your Prime Profile.

The SchoolAdvice Prime Profile Benefits


Direct Admission Inquires

Admission leads from inquiring families delivered directly from your Prime Profile to your email inbox.


Add Your Events Calendar

School Event Calendar linked to customized full page event posts.


Career Opportunity Ads

Reach the best educators and applicants faster by posting your career opportunities on The SchoolAdvice Career Network.


Social Engagement

ShoolAdvice shares Prime Profiles, Event Posts, and Career Ads on our Facebook Page, Twitter, Google Page & Pinterest Boards.


Family Contact

Families consult with SchoolAdvice on an ongoing basis seeking the best fit school for their children.  We are much more than a school directory, SchoolAdvice introduces families to schools.


Enhanced Visibility

Top Tier Placement in School Finder search results, with Featured Ribbon plus School Banner Ad.


Prime Profiles Stay Updated

Prime Profiles include 2 updates per year.


Paid Promoted Post

Included with a Prime Profile Subscription is one Facebook promoted post delivered to a targeted audience of 10,000.


Subscriber Benefits

Preferred Credit Card Processing rates Click for details. Web services,  Adword Campaigns at reduced rates.


Great Value

School Profiles, Event Posts and Career Opportunity listings bring thousands of qualified visitors to SchoolAdvice.  The price of $400/YR for a School Prime Profile reflects excellent digital marketing value.

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