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Vancouver College, founded in 1922, is a Catholic school for boys with over 1,000 students from

K – Gr. 12. The school is well known for its spiritual program, outstanding academics, an expansive extra and co-curricular program and high caliber teaching staff.

Approaching its next century of providing inspiring education for young men, Vancouver College has embarked on a process of continuous improvement, pedagogical transformation and campus renewal; as it leads the way in innovative practice while honouring its deeply rooted traditions.

The policy of Vancouver College is to hire, when available, qualifed Catholics, who in addition to carrying out their professional responsibilities will model the values espoused by Blessed Edmund Rice as articulated by the schools Essential Elements.


Priority Consideration will be given to candidates who possess the following:

  • Current pastoral reference, confirming candidate is a practicing Roman Catholic
  • A postgraduate degree in administration or related field or enrolment in a post graduate program
  • A minimum of five years successful administrative experience as an educational leader


Full-time (1.0 FTE) continuing position

Professional Qualifications:

The incumbent

  • Will have demonstrated a commitment and proficiency related to professional learning, instructional leadership, collegiality, communication and organization.
  • Holds a Teaching Certificate of Qualification issued by the BC Ministry of Education

Duties and Responsibilities:

The incumbent is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Middle School in the following areas: Assistant Principal, Middle School Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Middle School in the following areas:


  1. Organizes procedures, which ensures accurate record keeping of attendance, achievement, and standardized test results.
  2. Oversees admissions, registration and withdrawal procedures of students in Grades 7-9.
  3. Reports teacher absences for Middle School and coordinates substitute services and substitute orientation.
  4. Ensures staff and students are familiar with Emergency Procedure Protocol.
  5. Ensure that school safety and evacuation procedures are scheduled and carried out; meeting and exceeding required standards.
  6. In collaboration with the other Assistant Principals, assumes the role of Principal in the absence of the Principal.
  7. May be nominated by the Principal to serve as the Principal’s representative on a Board Committee.
  8. Serves as ad hoc member of the Executive of the Parents Association.
  9. Administrative liaison to the Campus Ministry Team and ensures that Campus Ministry Team operates effectively in the Middle School.

Student Behaviour

  1. Ensures consistency and accountability in the daily actualisation of the school Code of Conduct.
  2. Oversees the supervision of students at noon and at school related activities.
  3. Promotes an atmosphere that will foster desirable student/teacher/home relationship.
  4. Organizes and coordinates student assemblies as required.


  1. Facilitates the orientation of teachers new to the Middle School.
  2. Holds regular and systematic section and team meetings.
  3. In consultation with the Principal, determines elective courses and teacher assignments
  4. Oversees course selection and master timetable process for the Middle School.


  1. Oversees the admissions process for students entering Grades 7, 8 and 9 in a manner consistent with the Admissions Priority Considerations and recommends candidates to the Principal and President
  2. Visits neighbourhood Catholic schools’ Grade 7 classes to promote Grade 8 registration at Vancouver College.
  3. Oversees the writing of Placement Exams for prospective students.
  4. Assist Principal with hosting of Annual Open House

Supervision and Evaluation

  1. Demonstrates and provides instructional leadership to Middle School faculty and staff
  2. Engages all teachers in the Middle School in an annual Professional Growth Plan and monitors each plan in such a way as to enhance the teaching/learning process.
  3. Supervises the Middle School staff as required to insure curriculum objectives are being met.
  4. Assists the Principal in the formal evaluation of staff as required.
  5. Promotes and supports Professional Development activities for teachers in the Middle School.

Human Relations

  1. Assist the Principal in hiring of new staff as required.
  2. Establishes collaborative relationships with staff, which will contribute to good staff morale and an atmosphere conducive to professional academic growth.
  3. Assists the Principal to establish and maintain a positive relationship with the community.
  4. Ensures effective communication with the Vancouver College Community through newsletters and electronic means.

School Enhancement

  1. Ensures Middle School teachers are engaged in the process of continuous improvement as prescribed by the school’s Continuous Improvement Framework.
  2. In consultation with the Principal, engages in other initiatives assigned to improve programming at Vancouver College.
  3. Oversee the preparation of course outlines Grade 7 to Grade 9.

Application Deadline: Submit applications with supporting documents to Mr. Daryl Weaver, Principal, c/o [email protected] by November 30, 2022.

Employment Start Date: August 14, 2023

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