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The Ottawa Jewish Community School embodies both in its tradition and its daily practice the assumption that children are by nature open to growth, to learning and to reason. At OJCS, your children participate in a learning environment where they can grow, flourish and construct Jewish life.

As a community, we recognize that students construct their knowledge on many levels and the learning process is diverse for all. Through differentiated instruction we encourage our students’ commitment to inquiry, to critically think, to reflect, to explore and to question. Your child’s development is not only limited to achieving academic competencies. OJCS students are distinguished by their compassion and understanding for others and an enduring love of learning rooted in curious, creative, and inquiry-based learning.

OJCS seeks to foster students’ growth and provide diverse learning opportunities by offering a flexible curriculum in Jewish and General Studies and a rich variety of academic, extracurricular and cultural activities that are supported by a high degree of teacher and community involvement.

We believe that education is enriched by community involvement, and we encourage parents, community leaders, and other professionals to participate and collaborate in the teaching practices and learning activities of our students. Visitors can often be seen at OJCS reading to children, speaking to students on their areas of expertise, hold workshops, and volunteering at sports and cultural events.

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