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SchoolAdvice Inc. consulting services are provided to our clients at the rate of $150.00 per hour.  If after an initial free consultation the client agrees to engage SchoolAdvice Inc. for its services, the client will complete the form below.

SchoolAdvice Inc. offers a wide array of education consulting services. The number of hours will vary directly with the level of service requested by a client.  Clients will be informed in advance  via email of cost estimates for services required.

If you are in agreement with the Terms and Conditions outlined above and wish to engage SchoolAdvice, please complete the form below.  A digital invoice of $600.00 plus applicable taxes will be sent to the email address you have provided.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Once payment has been received SchoolAdvice will issue a receipt. Subsequent invoices for any additional services will be issued by SchoolAdvice Inc. on a bi-weekly schedule.

Thank you,
SchoolAdvice Inc.

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