Tasneem Ali
Tasneem Ali

Position Sought:  ESL Teacher | Primary Teacher
Subject areas / Grade Levels: Kindergarten – Grade 6
Locations (North America): I am available to work in Ontario.
Locations (International): Australia | Middle East
Last Update: August 25, 2018

Education & Experience
Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior Qualifications)
June 2013
Toronto, Ontario
York University

International Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PYP)
June 2017
San Jose, California
California State University

Additional Qualifications:
AQ Kindergarten Part 1 – 06/2017
AQ Special Education Part 1 – 03/2017
AQ Mathematics Primary and Junior Part 1 – 03/2017
ABQ Intermediate Physical Education – 12/2016
ABQ Intermediate Dramatic Arts – 12/2016
AQ Introduction of Information and Computer Technology Part 1 – 12/2016

Other Professional Learning
Standard First Aid and CPR Training Level “C” – 04/2017
Basic Fire Safety – 01/2015
SmartBoard Training Level 2 – 04/2013
TRIBES Learning Communities – 04/2013
SmartBoard Training Level 1 – 12/2012

I am an experienced educator with excellent leadership skills, interpersonal skills, smart work habits and a positive attitude. I am dedicated to learning and applying core values while maintaining a high level of motivation, energy, and productivity. I have a passion for working in a multicultural multiethnic community. I am committed to providing a diverse classroom that caters to the needs of all learning styles and encourages inquiry in the classroom.
Manfred von Vulte
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