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March 22, 2019

Alberta Independent & Private Schools

In Canada elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education is a provincial responsibility and there are many variations between the provinces. As education is within provincial jurisdiction the curriculum is overseen by the province. View a list of Alberta Independent and Private School profiles.

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Study in Canada at Vancouver Private Schools

Study in Canada at Vancouver Private Schools Between 2008 and 2015, there was a 92% increase in the number of international students in Canada, reported by the Canadian Bureau for International Education. According to the same report, 95% of international students...

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Exploring Educational Options & Planning for Success

The Changing Landscape   A Personal Learning Plan is becoming a necessary part of a students educational footprint.  Secondary schools in the United States have, in some states, made this a required element in a student's curriculum.  Certain key...

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Fraser Institute Rankings show Quebec Schools improving

Public VS Private/Independent The latest rankings issued by the Fraser Institute show that 20 of the top 25 schools in Quebec are Private / Independent Schools with the vast majority of the top schools located in the Montreal region. While the top 5 Schools tied for...

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Introducing Fabrice Vanegas of Cloud Lion

SchoolAdvice Partner To Whom it Should Concern, My name is Fabrice Vanegas, I write this letter, hoping to address a situation of disquieting urgency.  My intention is not to cause alarm with useless hyperbole, or to aimlessly spout pointless rhetoric. I write this to...

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Tips to Calm Back to School Anxiety

The Introduction Letter A Back-To-School introduction letter can be a good way to start the year for many primary , junior school, and middle school children.  It's an ice breaker and allows your child to get up close with his or her new teacher on the first day back...

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Reference Checking, Anyone?

Reference Checking, Anyone? Reference Checking, Anyone? by Steve Mandell Head of School Pinewood Preparatory School LinkedIn With the hiring season coming to a close, I am reflecting on a critical and often missed step in hiring - reference checking. Without treating...

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Teaching Jobs in Independent & Private Schools

Teaching Jobs in Independent and Private Schools It is hiring season across in the Independent School Network in Canada.  Once the March break is done, most schools have a fairly good idea of what their staffing requirements will be for the next academic year. ...

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Quebec Independent Schools

Access to English Education in Quebec - Who is eligible? View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School...

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Schools for Kids with Aspergers

Educational planning for students with Asperger's and other autism spectrum issues often addresses a wide range of skill development, including academics, communication and language skills, social skills, self-help skills, behavioral issues, self-advocacy and leisure...

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Schools for Gifted Kids

Gifted students often fare much better in private schools, where their needs can be better met. Gifted students are likely to be bored and under-stimulated in a public school where they are, at times, under appreciated and not always receiving the attention they...

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AP Programs

The Advanced Placement Program is one of the two enrichment options available to students in Independent Schools.  The other is the International Baccalaureate Program .  It has been operated since 1955 by the College Board in New York. It allows students to take...

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Canadian Boarding Schools

Canadian Boarding Schools   Canada is home to several world class boarding schools, many with a long and storied history.  Below is a list of coed, all girls and all boys boarding schools located all across Canada.  To learn more about each school...

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Nova Scotia Independent Schools

View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View School Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View...

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The Wood Wide Web, isn't Science wonderful?

Here's how trees secretly talk to each other. 🌳😲

(via BBC World Service)

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